Bank Holiday Competition!

Whats everyone up to this weekend? As it is Bank Holiday I thought I would hold another competition just for this weekend, my other competition is still running until Tuesday. As you can see at the bottom of my page there is a fish tank. All you have to do is choose a name for each of the fish that suits their color-red, orange, black, yellow, blue and green. I will chose the best name for each color fish on Monday and that will be their new name. Also, I will write a short story including you and your named fish. To enter comment your fish names below. You've only got 3 days so hurry up and enter for a chance to win!


  1. Red - (girl) Scarlet (boy) Flame
    Orange - (girl) Amber (boy) Prince
    Yellow - (girl) Goldie
    Green - (girl) Fern
    Blue - (girl) Sapphire
    Black - (girl) Midnight (boy) Shadow

    I can think of more but there's too many and I'm cheating a bit then.

  2. Thanks Holly, I love the names!


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