REVIEW: My Best Friend and Other Enemies by Catherine Wilkins

I don't need a best friend. I have plenty of things to get on with. Like well um... Hmmm. OK, that's not a good sign...

Title: My Best Friend and Other Enemies
Author: Catherine Wilkins
Pages: 202
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Published: 6th September 2012

Jessica and Natalie have been friends since their finger-painting days and nothing can change that, not even the arrival at school of snob Amelia. But it actually changes everything, they start acting as if Jessica doesn't exist and form a gang without her. Now Jessica has lost her best friend and she's not letting that snob get away with it! She forms a rival-gang against CAC(Jessica's and Amelia's gang) called ACE and along with this he uses her skills as a Cartoonist to help her out. The Cartoon is mightier than, er, being left out of everything...

At first I thought this would be a book that has been done hundreds of times over but it exceeded my expectations by a far. Jessica(who was telling the story) had a really comedic side and the jokes were never forced. She has this natural sarcasm to her and it just flowed along with story. Jessica had a truly funny and unique personality which added to the book. I found myself laughing throughout, it was a really great read! Another thing I have to comment on is the front cover and illustrations all the way through the book. The front cover(as you can see) is bright, colorful and the comedic cartoons really bring something to this story. They are on almost every page and it really helps you picture what Jessica is drawing or thinking about. It may have been predictable but the twists in the story line were unexpected and the comedic side of things is what makes this book one of my favourites! I thought this book would be great for everyone because the jokes are decent but still make this book a must read when you want a laugh!

Roll on the release of Book 2 My Brilliant Life and Other Disasters out 5th September 2013!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Recommend Age: Age: 9+ 

I'm very excited to say that author of My Best Friend & Other Enemies, Catherine Wilkins has agreed to do an interview for this blog! It will be up soon!

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