Positive Body Image! My Opinion & QOTW #7

This week I want to talk about a 'Positive Body Image'. I think this is a really important subject as so many of us girls are self-conscious and not happy with what we look like or who we are. I'm going to be honest with you I could point out things I hate about my body. I could point out things that make me feel bad about who am I. 

With so many of us girls wanting to be thin and perfect why are magazines still giving the message that they think being thin is better?. They airbrush their models to make sure they look perfect and then edit their pictures to take off weight. What message is this giving out to young girls? Having these perfect, thin models on the front pages of magazines? It's time models of all different shapes and sizes graced the pages of our magazines. Woudn't you like to turn the page of a magazine and see a girl that isn't size 6 wearing your favourite fashion? It would raise girls' self esteem knowing that it doesn't matter what size or shape you are, you can still do well!

I'm truly not saying I have this body confidence -because I don't. I struggle to find my size in the things I love and when I find something that I really like it doesn't fit or looks terrible. I enjoy reading fashion magazines(My latest craze is Teen Now Magazine.) and looking to see what celebrities are wearing right now but then, maybe it would be nice to see a celebrity wearing Primark or Next instead of designer for once. I have insecurities, I'm sure all young girls(and I'm sure even boys) do. Maybe magazine editors should try harder to help get rid of these problems?

The old saying 'It's only what's on the inside that counts' really needs to be brought back in force.  You get bullied in school for looking different, being bigger or even wearing glasses! The only thing is, it that, if the bullies felt more secure in their selves they wouldn't feel the need to pick on people. What if the person being bullied had more body confidence, a bit more self-esteem? I truly think that, it's time the government put their foot down.  It's time to stop air brushing models. Even celebrities find they have to go on crazy diets and become so thin they look unwell because of the pressure on young girls. Magazines, they need to give out a positive body image! I would love to open up my next Teen Now Magazine and find someone who looks healthy and happy there. 

Questions of the Week!

Is it time magazine editor's try to give out a Positive Body Image?
Should they use retailers like Next or Primark?

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