New Blog Plan!

So, I've decided finally to plan what blog posts I will do on certain days of the week! Just for the fact that I will admit my blogs a bit disorganized at times!

Monday: /
Tuesday: A Piece of Writing by ME!(If I write something, every week)
Wednesday: My Opinion and QOTW!
Thursday: Book Review(Every fortnight)
Friday: Fun Post(Either Music or Fashion)
Saturday: /
Sunday: What I've Been Up To? Including my purchases and what I've been listening and watching (Every Fortnight)

In between these posts there will be other things including Author Inteviews, Competitions, Other book posts, Film reviews and Picture posts! This may be updated or changed but I'm going to create a new page about 'My Blog' so you can check out that page if you want to know what posts to expect!

Sorry about the short post, out of five lessons I have had four pieces of homework today! Plus Art that I got yesterday! At least I've got cooking tomorrow, making a Victoria Sandwich that my friends have no hope in me actually completing. By the way if any of you are interested in doing my 'Swap That Blog' this month(28th September) just comment below!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read - and comment on - this blog post! I read and reply to every comment, so feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer!

See you soon!

Sophie Louise