STORY: Sinister

After a very long term of school full of assessment tests, new teachers, a new year it's finally half term! I'm extremely tired and this blog really needed some re-vamping so I decided to change the look. What do you think? A new vibrant red colour! With Halloween just around the corner followed by Bonfire Night coming up I've decided it was time for a change. What are your costumes for Halloween? I'm going as Katniss Everdeen! This week there will be some Halloween themed posts just for you! Anyway, here is a freaky new short story based on the poem I wrote two days ago called 'The Inevitable' here's my story Sinister!

It's dark. I feel my way along the cold stone wall unable to see what's coming next. All I can hear are my footsteps, walking faster and faster as I know my time is running out.  The cold air flows through the tunnel, coming in from the shaft I let myself in through. I have no idea where it will end: or what I will find. My heart stops, other footsteps are following me in. Who would do that? On Halloween especially. I may not be walking through a haunted house, but it's something much worse. Something sinister, someone sinister who's been planning this ending for me since the day we met. Just recently did I find out this, but all I can do is wonder. Wonder why. The pain in my chest is threatening to eat open a whole within me. I never thought they would do this, didn't think that his warped mind could think something like this up. It's quite possible I haven't credited them enough. This plan has made me play right into their hands, something I haven't released until now. The only problem is I would have never just stayed put, when he has got someone I care about so much. I would feel like the murderer myself.The footsteps behind me become faster, more persistent. I find myself running, heart pounding, my breathing becoming more rapid. I turn a sharp corner and find myself in an empty space. I wide shaft in this underground nightmare. I can faintly make it out with the old lamps flickering on each corner of the room. I look around frantically, this can't be the end. I haven't put up a fight and I'm not here to lose either. One person has made my life a misery but know I'm ready. There's someone hidden inside of me ready to show it's true colors. I'm a fighter. Nobody will get away with what they have done to me or an innocent 12 year-old. I can just picture her frightened, cold, deep in the darkest parts or this underground hell. Does she dare to scream my name, just in case? Does she dare move? What if she's already dead? I put the image out of my mind, she can't be. Why go for their second choice? They want me, have always wanted me. It's never been for the right reasons, my fathers mistakes, his debts being passed onto me. He didn't get the chance to leave me a note, to warn me what was coming. I'm now running from door to door in this shaft, trying to find one that's ajar. Each one locked as the clock ticks by. I don't want to think about the footsteps that are undoubtedly becoming closer and closer, closing me in. Above ground, people are getting on with their daily lives. No clue about what is going on just below them. No idea that a young girl is doing everything she can to save her sister's life, in her dark world where she will be getting herself murdered in the process, at the hands of a cold-blooded creature. I just hope that my mother will have enough sense to leave when she realises that nobody will be coming home. 

What do you think?

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