Film Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 yesterday and it was definitely the perfect film to tie the Twilight Saga together. Here's my review:

After the birth of her half-vampire, half-human daughter Renesmee Bella is now a Vampire. Renesmee is talented along with having a heartbeat although she is growing too-quickly. Bella also has new complications with Jacob when she founds out he has imprinted on Renesmee along with controlling her thirst. Bella is born to be a Vampire but forever isn't as long as she had  hoped. The Volturi think that Renesmee is a dangerous Immortal Child and are coming for the Cullens who, are forced to gather Vampires from all around the world to stand with them, in the climatic finale.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 was a heart-stopping ending to the Twilight Saga. It builds up the tension as Bella prepares for the battle but also brings raw emotion as the Cullens, and other Covens face the prospect that the Volturi may not listen. The emotions between Bella and Renesmee are strong and powerful as Renesmee asks questions about what will happen to her. The start of the film is all about how Bella faces her new existence as a Newborn including her first hunt. The film also made me laugh, with sarcastic comments throughout from Emmett. My personal favourite moment is between Charlie and Jabob along with the 'awkwardness' at that time. I was really curious and excited to see what the 'big twist' was and when it came it left me in shock. It was a climactic ending, that the film was building to throughout but also such a wise change. The climax was fast-paced and definitely made the film. The one thing about Breaking Dawn(the book) was the ending that was built up for nothing to happen, which was all changed for the film. There are unsuitable scenes in this film, both in the climax and between Edward and Bella so I don't recommend this film for any ages under than twelve. The change to this ending definitely made the film for me.

Rating 5/5

Have you seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet?

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