Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Diagnosed with Stage IV Thyroid Cancer at 13, Hazel has never been anything but terminal. Despite the tumour-shrinking medical miracle that has given her a few more years, her diagnosis inscribed in her final chapter. At sixteen years old-two years post miracle, she is suffering from the side of Cancer, finding herself spending her free time thinking about death. But, her story is about to be completely re-written. Forced by her parents to attend Cancer Kid Support Group when she would much rather be curled up watching an ANTM marathon, Hazel meets an exciting plot twist. Meet Augustus Waters: Gorgeous, in-remission and as a shock to Hazel, willingly interested in her. Always questioning life around him he makes Hazel re-think the life she is living and the choices she makes. A match made in Cancer Kid Support Group shows what it really means to be alive and in-love.

The Fault in Our Stars was a masterpiece. It captured me from the beginning and took me into the life of Hazel Lancaster-a sixteen year old diagnosed with Cancer at thirteen. Hazel suffering from the side effects of her illness: spending quite a lot of time in bed, re-reading the same book time and time again and spending her free time thinking about death. John Green brought Hazel to life: smart and intelligent but also funny and relatable. There was no shying away from the subject of Cancer in this book, it was all there in the pages of this bold and insightful read. It truly recognised the struggle for everyone when a child has Cancer: her mum wanting to spend more time with her but then wanting her to be a teenager and her dad struggling to come to turns with the truth. I was taken on a journey-in one breath-taking novel.
Augustus Waters is the complete opposite to Hazel- he never stops questioning the world around him or asking questions that can never be answered. But, Gus becomes a subject of hope adding to this incredible contemporary novel. One that 'will not deny himself the simple pleasures of saying true things'. A character that you fall instantly in love with not only because he is full for beautiful sayings and quotes but because he is alive and he wants to be. The romance was beautifully written-completely re-writing both of their stories. With perfect descriptions throughout this book, my favourites being the detailed scenes in Amsterdam, it brought not only the characters but the story alive. Their relationship is made up of love and hope but the chance at life. It had me thrilled at the chance of love and the way it brings you alive. A match made at Cancer Kid Support Group creates an incredible story of love, loss and life-you will need your tissues.
TFiOS was emotional and raw, in which I found tears pooling in my eyes. There were some complex words but I could still understand the story and the plot - along with the beauty of it all. This book was also filled with humour so I found myself laughing and crying, experiencing every possible emotion. This book was a rollercoaster ride that according to Gus 'Only goes up'. We all have our perspectives when we pick up a book based on illness but John Green writes the perfect contemporary. The ending surprised me-but I fell in love with the closing words. I felt, after an initial 'You can't leave it there!' that is was exactly the right way to leave this novel.
'A beautifully written, yet heart-breaking and tragic at the same time. The Fault in the Stars allows you to be thrilled at the chance of being in love but has your eyes wide open to the tragedy of Cancer and illness.' For ages 13+


  1. I love this book! It was amazing!!!! I love Gus. I was just the best

    1. I love Gus too - we should start a fanclub!

  2. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!!! AHHH!!!!! I'm in love with this book.(if you couldn't tell already..) The writing is beautiful, John Green's words are amazing.
    Brilliant review, Sophie! You definitely summed up this book perfectly. :)

    1. I KNOW! It was just so good! The writing is gorgeous, and the quotes and writing in it are incredible. Thank you-I just wanted to do it justice.


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