Monthly Wrap Up: Janurary

The first month of the year has been and gone, 2013 is now well under-way. Here's my wrap-up of what I have been up to this month.

At the beginning of the month, I of course had to drag myself to school after the Christmas Holidays! I'm in the middle of choosing my options at the moment and in some ways I'm really enjoying finally being able to get a choice in what I do but In other ways it can be stressful. You've really got to think about whether you will enjoy it, coursework, exam marks etc. But then the snow-hit and we got buried in it for a week! I did only get ONE Snow day off from school which was the first Friday but we spent the whole weekend having fun in the snow: built an amazing snowman that had a glowing red nose, had seven snow-ball fights in the one day that proved to result in a broken window and blamed It on my dad, playing outside in blizzards and drinking too much hot-chocolate. We did have more snow but schools were open so we enjoyed 'sledging' to school and getting covered In snow on the way back when it decided to fall from the sky!

Me and one of my friends went to see The Impossible in cinema's and loved it! It was sad, moving, exciting, heart-wrenching. OK, there were some scenes that were I bit detailed in terms of injuries but I couldn't believe it was a true-story. The determination to find each-other was unbelievable and really showed how much family cares. I have never been in such a quiet cinema. An incredible film(Review-coming soon)

I finally got to read my first John Green book, The Fault in Our Stars, which was heart-breaking! I admit, I was sobbing at the end. It really impressed me! Next is Paper Towns! I also got my first Manuscript & Press Pack from the lovely people at Harper Collins. It's called Geek Girl(By Holly Smale) and came with some awesome Geek badges that have little black geek glasses on them and cute business cards. I was literally jumping-up-and-down with excitement when I heard it had come. I was literally wearing my badge all night!

My First Manuscript!
I also received another book called Dear Scarlett(By Fluer Hitchcock) which I admit I haven't started yet but have been wanting to read for months so I was very happy when I was told it was coming through the post!
I've also been digging my way through the albums I had for Christmas and been constantly playing RED! And have found a new favourite t.v. programme called Charmed(You need to watch it if you're a fan of supernatural books!)-it's amazing!  I've also been looking into going to some bookish things this year which I'm really excited about! And-now it's February it means that we are in the month of Beautiful Creatures!

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  1. Great Post, sounds like you've had a awesome January. Geek Girl looks awesome and I too read The Fault in Our Stars and I ended up loving it soo much. I used to love Charmed, haven't seen it for a while though. Taylor is my fave singer, she is just too amazing and RED is the best album ever! I really want to read Beautiful Creatures, what is it about?

    1. Thanks-I'm really enjoying Geek Girl and I loved The Fault In Our Stars, it was beautiful! Did you cry? I love Charmed & Taylor Swift. Beautiful Creatures-READ IT!
      Here's a review:

    2. We have so much in common. Great Review of BC, you've got me so excited, I'm going to buy it today. Yay

    3. Yes I did cry, how can I not <3 Lol

    4. Thanks-Yay! I'm so happy to find someone else who's going to be reading it. Make sure to update me! I was expecting to cry-but was still shocked when I reached that part. You're right-how can you not cry? Have you read Now Is Good(Before I Die)?

  2. Wow! It sounds like you had an amazing month :)
    I really want to see The Impossible, even though I heard it is supposed to be sad. Have you seen Les Misérables?

    1. The Impossible was sad-although it was one of the best films I've seen. I haven't seen Les Mis but I do want to. I've heard it's amazing-have you?

  3. Yes I've seen it and its absolutely amazing, but incredibly sad. I totally recommend it.


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