Love Letters #2 -Prince Dorian Vs Chaol

Love Letters is a feature hosted by A Day Dreamers World that discusses the Love Triangle in a recent book I have read. This week, it's Throne of Glass by S J.Maas.


Celaena Sardothien
Prince Dorian
Captain Westfall(Chaol)

Calaena Sardothien

The main character in this novel, Celaena is an eighteen year-old serving a life-sentence. She is Erilea's(The fantasy-worlds) most notorious Assassin. She is offered the chance to represent the Prince in a to-the-death tournament as his Champion, fighting the most gifted criminals in the land. She enjoys to read, apart from being the feisty Adarlan's Assassin, and discovers her true-identity. She also surprises you in being a firm-friend and someone who cares for how she is perceived.  It's Celaena that is in the middle of the love-triangle.

Prince Dorian is The Crown Prince of Adarlan is from the start friendly to Celaena. He is constantly laughing and trying to make Celaena uncomfortable(But in a good way). He doesn't fear Celaena and is always trying to please-her. He's too sweet!

Defining Moment- The Masquerade Ball. He offers to dance with Celaena and they do, forgetting about their own worlds.

Favourite Quote: "I'm not interested in Court Ladies"

Captain Westfall(Chaol) is at first quite stern with Celaena and slowly, he seems to let his guard on her down, relaxing more into her company. He really likes her, and they become great-friends(Maybe even a bit more...)

Defining Moment - The Final Duel.

Favourite Quote/s: "You look rather pretty today"
"Was that handkerchief really necessary?"

My vote is with Prince Dorian! I loved his humour and the way, from the beginning he appreciated Celaena.

Who would you send you Love Letter too?
Prince Dorian or Chaol?


  1. I'm inclined to say Chaol actually! I think his character has so much depth, and I can't wait to see what he says and does in the sequel! :)

    1. As much as I love Dorian, Chaol is a great character. I can't wait to see what happens neither, I think there's a more likely chance they will get closer. How he deals with what happened at the Duel is something I'm excited to read.

  2. Ahhh I would totally go with Chaol! I love his dry sense of humour and that final duel was just amazing :)

    1. I think I'm the only person on Dorian's support team! Chaol was amazing in the final duel-although I'm sticking with Dorian!


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