My Mile Long Wish List

I have a wish-list for books that is taller than me, and I also love to re-read books(Right now I'm re-reading Beautiful Creatures) so, I've decided to prioritise my wish-list. I am going to list all published books, not one's that I'm waiting for the release of. Have you ever heard the quote 'So Many Books, So Little Time...'. It's true!

10. Percy Jackson and The Lightning Theif: I saw the film recently and loved it so, I'm hoping to read the books really soon. I've heard the books are better than the film, and it was fantastic so I have high-hopes. I also can't help admitting that I feel like I'm missing out!

9. I'd Tell You I Love Your But Then I'd Have To Kill You by Ally Carter: I can't tell you how long I have been looking at this book on the shelves and have wanted to buy it. It looks like such a fun read with spies but also deadly and excited. Ally Carter is one of my favourite people on Twitter, she is so entertaining. I'm in complete need to read one of her books.

8. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman: I'm on a recommendation by a friend and the fact there is so much hype around this book. I've wanted to read it since I picked up Pig Heart Boy and Malorie Blackman seems to deal with such argumentative subjects and discussion points she can give you so much emotion.

7. Shiver by Maggie Steifvater: I have so many author's I haven't read anything by yet, but this is a series I have been wanting for a while. I think it's the fantasy aspect of it that is really drawing me in and the only book I've read with any werewolves is Twilight so I'm really intrigue by this plot.

6. Matched by Allie Condie: I had this, a long with the other books in the series Crossed and Reached for Christmas and I still seemed to haven't got around to them yet. They are one of things I am most excited to read because, not only are the covers beautiful, but I've heard such great things.

5. Blood Red Road by Moira Young: I pass this constantly and it seems like a gripping book. It seems like a dystopian novel but with more and that's exactly the type of thing I love. I'm so excited to get my hands on this.

4. The Catcher in the Rye: I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird at the moment and have Alice in Wonderland waiting for me when I'm done. At the moment, I'm trying to read all the classics since I've only ever read the children's version of Jane Eyre(Which I adored) and The Secret Garden which was my childhood favourite. The Catcher in the Rye sounds incredible. I need this book.

3. Looking for Alaska by John Green: After reading The Fault in Our Stars, I've fallen in love with John Green's beautiful writing. And as a member of Nerdfighteria, it only seems to right to read all of his books.

2. Delirium by Lauren Oliver: This is another book that I've seen filling my Twitter feed lately, and, when I first heard about this book a few months ago, I instantly wanted to read it. A world without love? I can't wait to start it!

1. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare: I've heard such great things about this trilogy and Clockwork Prince is at the top of my wish-list. The covers instantly drew me in to these books as well as the hype about the ending to the trilogy. Since the final book has just come out, it seems like the perfect chance to start reading and I haven't got any books by Cassandra Clare on my shelf so, I'm really looking forward to getting into the worlds she creates. It would also be great If I could read The Mortal Instruments before the movie, because I've seen the trailer and can't wait to see the film.


  1. Right, I've read a lot of these (great list!):

    - I adored The Infernal Devices trilogy (I LOVE WILL!!!!!!!). Have you read Clockwork Angel? As Clockwork Prince is the second one. :P

    - Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief is quite good, as is Blood Red Road.

    - The whole Gallagher Girls series is brilliant (I'd Tell You I Love Your But Then I'd Have To Kill You is my least favourite out of the five so far though).

    - The Catcher in the Rye is one of my favourite classics (alongside To Kill a Mockingbird + Pride and Prejudice).

    - Noughts and Crosses is a great read. I read it a while ago though, so can't remember much about it!

    - I was one of the few who wasn't too keen on Delirium... Many others really loved it though!

    - Looking for Alaska is just beautiful, seriously. I loved all of it to pieces - especially Takumi and his fox hat! :D But what else can you expect from John Green, right?

    Ruby @

    1. I'm really missing out! Thank you for your comment!

      - Thanks so much for pointing out my problems in organising the trilogy. I was writing at midnight-no wonder it was wrong! I've edited it! I love the covers, I must read them!

      -I can't wait to read both of them, Percy Jackson seems like something I will be able to relax as I read. It's a Children's Book and I enjoy reading them every now and then. They're a lot of fun! Blood Red Road just sounds incredible. Like The Hunger Games, and everybody knows I love that.

      -Ally Carter seems awesome, I just need to read something by her! I've been eyeing them up for months!

      -I've just finished To Kill a Mockingbird. I found it quite boring(I know, sorry!) and hard to follow until the trial. The I had tears in my eyes because I was just so shocked. It's really powerful.

      -Noughts and Crosses, I just need to read this for one of my friends! I've heard great things. Delirium is something very different then what I normally read, sorry you didn't enjoy it!

      John Green! His writing is beautiful. You're right. He's one of the best writer's of our time.

      Sophie x

  2. Ooh, great list!

    1. I have Clockwork Prince from the library that I am planning on reading soon! I loved Clockwork Angel, the first book, it was amazing!

    2. I have Delirium on my Kindle and I've been meaning to read it as it's a dystopia and I looovvee my dystopias ;)

    3. Looking for Alaska is on my wish list and I can not wait to read it as I've heard that John Green is a literary genius!

    4. I've been meaning to read some more classics. Amazon generally has most of them free so I have a lot of classics on my kindle! :)

    5. I've heard that Blood Red Road is really good so I must try and read it sometime! I'll check by my library :P

    6. My expectations for Matched and Crossed were really high, but I was quite disappointed. The writing was excellent but everything else was a bit meh :/

    7. I've heard that Shiver is good and I have it on my kindle waiting to be read! :)

    8. Malorie Blackman's books look really good! When I was younger I once read her book for middle-grade children called Whizziwig and I loved it!! Maybe I should do a re-read of it! :P

    9. I have the first book and the fourth book in the Gallagher Girls series and I really need to read them as everyone has loved them! :)

    10. I've read the Percy Jackson Series and it is AMAZING! I haven't watched the movie, but people who have read the book and watched the movie say the book is a billion times better! And I've seen the movie poster thing and the actors and Annabeth has NOT got black hair!

    1. Thank you!

      I haven't read Clockwork Angel, I messed up the series order(Oops!) but it looks fantastic! I love the idea of it being set in Victorian times. I love my dystopia's too, it's my favourite genre! Have you tried Breathe by Sarah Crossan? I think you'll love it?

      You're right! His books will be the 'classics' that children will read in school in 50 years. I love Amazon! Having classics free is such a great thing.

      Sorry you didn't like Matcher or Crossed. I know what I'm expecting from them, I just hope they keep me gripped until the end.(I bought the whole series in one)

      I haven't read Percy Jackson or The Harry Potter's. I'm so behind! I feel like living my child-hood at 13, not reading the Harry Potter's is like committing a crime. I've heard The Lightning Thief is not as good as the book, by I loved the film, so I'm looking forward to the books.

      Shiver, Blood Red Road and Malorie Blackman's books - they are just must reads!! :) x

  3. What a great with list, I'm happy to say that I've read most of those books. Where to start, hmmm....... Shiver and The Gallagher Girls series are two of my favorites, Shiver is downright amazing. Delirium, Looking For Alaska and Matched I really liked. I just finished and loved every bit of City of Bones and I borrowed the first in The Clockwork Angel (the first in the infernal devices). Enjoy :)

    1. I know, where to start with books! There are so many great one's! I'm really excited about each of them, and I got City of Bones today(SO EXCITED!). The Clockwork Angel looks fantastic, I like the Victorian Style of it!! Thanks! :)

  4. Looking for Alaska is soooooo good! Love John green so much :)
    Matched was really good, it's got a very clinical feel to it but still interesting. Delirium....well it pretty much blew my mind so I hope you get to this one soon :D

    1. I love John Green too! Their video's are great! :)
      I'm excited to read Matched and I'll tell you what I think once I read Delirium. It sounds amazing! :D

  5. I have read the Gallagher girls which are amazing! They are one of my favourite series. I am currently reading the matched series and I'm on reached. I loved the first too so I'm excited to find out what happens! As for the others, I haven't read them but I want too! Love this post xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! Ally Carter just seems like a genuinely awesome person so I can't wait to read her books! I'm glad your enjoyed the Matched series, I'm reading the Beautiful Creatures Series(The Caster Chronicles) at the moment. I really suggest John Green's books, The Fault in Our Stars is just so good!

  6. Sophie, you are missing out BIG time! :D Great list, I have enjoyed the book or it is on my wishlist too.

    Percy Jackson, I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You, Noughts and Crosses (READ THIS ONE NOW OMG!!), Matched, Delirium and Clockwork Prince are all brilliant. I am dying to read Shiver, Blood Red Road and Looking for Alaska too. The Catcher in the Rye is one I need to read too, classics are great.

    I hope you read and enjoy these soon! :)

    1. I know, I know. I feel like I am missing out! My friend, who recommended it to me, said exactly the same thing about Noughts and Crosses. I will read it as soon as I can. Oh, The Infernal Devices, I so need to get them! The covers are just gorgeous.

      The classics are what I'm trying to read right now. I read To Kill a Mockingbird and found it boring at times(Sorry!), it just didn't pick up until the trial. Although, the trail was fantastically written.

      Thanks Zoe! :)

  7. Ally Carter has got to be one of the best authors out there! You have to hurry up and read I'd Tell You I Love You Bit Then I'd Have To Kill You! Seriously!

    Also, contrats! Your blog's becoming really popular!(:

    Oh, and how did you create your banner?

    Great post!


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