Blogoversary Day 6 : Tea Party with Sunny!

Today, I welcome one of my own best-bloggy friends Sunny from A Sunny Spot Blog to join in on our celebrations. We got to eat cake and tell jokes(Which you have to scroll to the end to see)!
Welcome to A Day Dreamer's World Sunny. Here, have some cake *reluctantly slides across table*
*takes a bite of cake, mmm* Hi Sophie! Happy Blogoversary,Thanks for having me!
You run the blog A Sunny Spot but, what others hobbies do you have?
Well I obviously like reading and writing but ever since I was little I've loved Singing, it's always been a passion of mine. I also like to dance, mostly hip hop.
What is your favourite snack? 
Ooh I really like Caviar Dip (It's the pink one) with seaweed crackers but this cake is totally the best so I might have to reconsider.
I've never tried Caviar - and thank you for your comments on the cake. I baked it myself! :)
Everybody knows not to ask a Book Blogger her favourite books, but can you list your Top Three?
How could you do that to me Sophie!
I'm so sorry! But, you may as well tell me now!
Haha, I love The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and it really touched me in a way no other book has. And The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (high-five fellow tribute) and Twilight by Stephanie Meyer! But I'm currently reading Clockwork Princess (WILL <3) and it's one of my favourite series.
What is your favourite book to film adaptation, or just your general favourite film?
Well it's no secret that I'm a Hunger Games fan, and I did like the movie but I was much more impressed with the books (I read all 3 first). And I'm really anticipating Catching Fire, doesn't it look great? But, I absolutely loved Breaking Dawn Part 2, it was easily one of my favorite films!! Gawd that ending.
Like you, I cannot wait for Catching Fire! But yes, that ending to Breaking Dawn Part 2 was quite something. There was an intake of breath in the cinema, and when it was over and we realised that director had tricked us, we all started laughing.
What is your prize-procession? 
Probably all of my books! But When I was younger I got this really cute and fluffy soft toy giraffe. I got it one Christmas and instantly called it Mrs Snuggles and now I always have it on my bed using it mostly as a pillow. It's a bit saggy now but cute none the less.
If you could time-travel back to one point in history where would you go?
Well here's why I'm hopeless at History, I have no clue. Lately I've have really wanted to travel to England, so many brilliant bloggers and authors! It just sounds like an awesome place in general. I'd like to visit Old London or Old New York (I'm half American). But I went through this geeky stage of loving Dinosaurs in year 2, so little me might have something else to say.
I haven't been to England yet (And I live in the UK) but I really want to go! I'd love to visit Old New York, can I join you? Awh, I loved Dinosaurs for a few years too. Did you ever see The Land Before Time? That's what started it with me.
You get the chance to visit a fictional world, where would it be to? Panem? Narnia? New World? Or something else!
Probably Panem (Capitol), but no way would I be skilled enough to be a victor. But I do have heaps of siblings, 5 sisters and 2 Brothers so maybe I would volunteer for one of them, if they were unlucky enough to get picked. Or maybe Illea because I quite like the idea of being with Prince Maxon and being Princess for a day.
I would choose Panem - but just for a day! And of course, Illea would be great because we could meet Maxon!
Do you own any merchandise such as a Harry Potter T-Shirt or Mockingjay Pin? 
I do own Hunger Games Pens, DVD and Necklaces and I have a Edward Cullen shirt. But I really want to get a Mockingjay Pin and Geek Girl Badge.
I love all of the things you own - and I'd love to write with a Hunger Games Pen!
You can only take three things with you on a deserted island - name them? 
OMG so hard. Umm I'd bring my family (can they come with food, haha), shelter of some sort and a book probably The Fault In Our Stars (but If my family couldn't bring food then I would bring some food instead)! I would be happy with Gus.
I'm be happy with Gus too but shh!
Can you tell us a joke? 
I heard this pick up line on a show and I thought it was quite funny!
Boy: Feel my sweater
Girl: (feels sweater)
Boy: See what it's made of... It's boyfriend material
Why did the guy with one hand cross the road....
To go to the second hand shop!
Best. Jokes. Ever. Thanks Sunny! 
Your Welcome Sophie, It was a pleasure! Thanks for having me *virtual hug*. Happy Hunger Games/DFTBA *waves goodbye*.


  1. Hey Sophie,
    Thanks so much for being a awesome blogging friend. I really enjoy emailing, collaborating, commenting and interviewing with you!! This was loads of fun, thanks for having me!! Xx

    1. Haha I'd love to go the UK in general, and yeah let's go to NY. Haha I can still taste the cake, Yum!!

  2. Great interview, ladies! I love Sunny's blog, she has an awesome taste in books! The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favourite books too - it affected me so much. It is no secret that I'm a Hunger Games fan too. Both the books and films are amazing... I CAN'T WAIT FOR CATCHING FIRE! :D

    Thanks for sharing :)


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