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When I'm browsing in a book store, certain things constantly catch my eye. Or when I'm looking online using Goodreads, or searching through the Kindle Store, I always seem to base my book choices on something. Thinking about my bookshelf, there are definitely some themes that seem to be there. There's not really anything that doesn't fit with my other books.

Dystopia - My favourite book is The Hunger Games, and it was the first dystopia I read. It was really the first book I fell in love with, and the whole genre completely interests me. I love the opportunity of a new world, but I adore getting to know the flaws in it. I think seeing this new place come alive, and how it could be our future is not only shocking and quite frightening, but completely interesting. I just adore the whole genre, from the factions in Divergent, to the Pod in Breathe. Everything. Maybe it's the fact I love the not-so-perfect worlds. The latest book that has really caught my eye is The 5th Wave. I'm going out to get my own copy over the weekend.

Interesting Main Characters - Celaena Sardothien was a fantastic character, I just fell in love with her. Yes, she was an assassin, but there was something so different about her. It was the fact she was this assassin who had been given a life sentence, that has made me want to hunt down more interesting characters. I never knew I would love an assassin, or that she would like to read and have a heart. Or at least a bit of one. If there is a book that has a character that I've never read about, I want to read it. It's a new obsession.

Gorgeous Covers: Elegant Dresses, Castles and Simplicity - One of the most embarrassing things to admit is my way of being drawn in by a pretty cover. If there is a cover with a girl wearing a dress, especially when it comes to The Selection novels, I want to read it. Looking in the library, and I always look for the covers. The ballgown dresses are so elegant, I want to begin reading it immediately. Childhood dreams of being a Princess still stick with me, even when I'm almost 14!

Fantasy - At the moment, I am in love with Fantasy novels! I love how they are so engrossing, and mesmerising. The world's these authors create never fail to impress me: there so well described, interesting and it's really a place where anything can happen. Some of my favourite Fantasy ideas are the way Hidden is pieced together, and of course Erilea in Throne of Glass. The Dirges in Small Blue Thing were also really fascinating. You don't know what can happen in Fantasy books, and I just really like surprises in novels.

Action - The promise of action, just like in The Hunger Games, Divergent and Blood Red Road(Which I am so excited to read). I want to read the synopsis and think "This will be exciting". I love a futuristic fight, and it sounds horrible, but I just really enjoy fast-paced, exciting novels that make you think. That make you judge people, so you can completely change your opinion.

Crying - The Fault in Our Stars drew me in because it was clear it would be sad. It was clear I would cry, and would need the box of tissue's at the end of it. Although the hype also drew me in, I love to cry! When I cry, you can assume it was good. I think maybe it's the connections with the characters you get to have, or how messed-up your emotions become but I love this type of book.

An author I love! The promise of John Green's writing, Holly Smale's humour, Suzanne Collin's characters or Veronica Roth's ideas and Sarah J. Maas' world will make me pick up a book any day. These people need to collaborate!
What makes you want to pick up a book?
Are any of your choices similar to mine?

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  1. Yes, I totally know what you mean! I will pick up any John Green book, regardless of the synopsis or cover! :)

  2. Great post, Sophie! :) I am a huge fan of dystopia too. The Hunger Games and Divergent are AMAZING and I love diving into a new world that is flawed in a different way from ours. Crying, good characters and fantasy elements are also a winner for me too.

  3. Great choices, I agree. Anything that is written by John Green is instantly something I would buy. I love a tearjerker and ofcourse a great dystopian. I know we're not meant to judge a book buy its cover but I do. I've also really liked fantasy for a while and I'll definatley read the synopsis if it's a author I've read before :) Cool giveaway!

  4. The Hunger Games got me interested in Dystopia too! I can't wait for The 5th Wave. I love anticipating the moment when the story's dystopian society crumbles and falls apart. Great post!

  5. Great post, Sophie. I confess to being always drawn in my evocative titles. I mean, who wants to read a book with a boring title!
    -DP :)

  6. Definitely agree with you on this. Please check out and follow:
    HG :p

  7. Hey Sophie! Snap on the being 13 thing. I swear when I read your blog it was like some kind of English essay (in the best way) and I thought you must be 20 or something!!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Check out the rules on my blog:

  8. The Hunger Games completely got me into Dystopia and introduced me to a whole new sub-genre! Celaena Sardothien seems like a fantastic main character, I'm going to have to check her out sometime! Great post sophie :)


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