Poetry: The War

It was raging,
It was reckless,
As anger burned in flames,
Destruction crashing down.

Filling the silent street
with the sound of marching feet,
Filling it with battle cries,
and screams and shouts,
Obliterating everyone,
And everything in it's path.
Changing bright blue skies etched
with pure white clouds,
Changing them to the colour of gunpowder
as day sinks into night,
The streets speckles with a cruel red,
The land sheeted in darkness that it obeyed.
Burning memories of the past,
Burning memories of the future,
Making them into one's of love loss,
Of fat tears and families ripped apart.
Destroying life as we know it today,
Destroying the future we had tried to lay,
It's surreal how alive one thing can be,
Moving in time and rhythm although
it's not a melody.
Filling the streets with blood and tears,
Changing the way I used to be,
Etching it's way in and burning my memories,
Destroying whom I meant to be.
The war who's ally was no more.
Hope you liked it! So sorry I can't write something more uplifting, especially with most of us being back under the pressures of school life.


  1. Sophie- your poetry is just amazing! seriously. This is absolutely brilliant. I love it- and wish I could write poems like you hehe :)

  2. This was incredible Sophie! I love the parallel structure you always manage to weave into your poetry. :) I have no other words to say other than you will be a published poet one day! Your poems are simply brilliant. :D

  3. WOWOW! This poem is amazing Sophie, seriously. It's like an entire Dystopia novel in itself. I assume you're into novel writing, are you doing nanowrimo this November?
    School. Eh. Started today and this certainly fits the tone!

  4. THIS IS AMAZING!! When you become a famous poet, make sure you remember me ;)

  5. Wow you're really good at poetry. I find it funny because I'm studying poetry in English and I had to write one the other day on feminism in 1900's. Poetry is not my thing but definitely yours.

  6. I'm doing Spoken Poetry at school right now and I wish I was as good as you. You know how much a fan I am, and I love when you publish your writing. Well done :) Thanks so much for sharing.

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog


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