The World From YA Eyes: That Final Page

As someone who loves to read, I always find myself in the library. Despite my initial. 'I'm just going to take these back' and 'I really don't need anymore more books' I always seem to come home with a pile under my arm. I understand how important libraries are, how they are the only place some people can get their hands on books and for others how they always seem to naturally walk in and browse the shelves for a while. They are an important place, and if they suddenly closed, there would be an empty-face that could never be filled.
Why, then, are libraries facing being shut-down across the country? Why are these places full of escapism and enjoyment for children and adults alike 'not worth spending the money on.' It really frustrates me to see, through articles online and news broadcasts, that so many libraries are facing closure because of 'Government spending cuts.' By doing this, they are turning that final page and deciding that reading isn't important. How any one group of people can make that decision for book-lovers, I can't begin to understand. How anybody can come to the conclusion that no longer having libraries is 'the best way to save' is...not even in my grasp. Politicians though, haven't experienced the community that we all have as bloggers - I know that if it wasn't for my mum taking me to a library and allowing me to choose books myself, I wouldn't be writing this right now.
The reason for this? I didn't always enjoy the books I was given to read at school. If you're not choosing what you read yourself - something is missing from the reading experience. Also, how is someone going to find a book six people(reading groups) are going to want to read? Six indecisive eleven year-olds? When will that even work. I do remember a time where, because I preferred reading my own book and found the school books 'boring' gave it to my Dad to read. The teacher realised and kept me in at lunch-time to read it. I think that's a point proven!
The Government are always announcing facts and figures on why children's reading ages are so low, yet, they decide to close down the place they can go to improve that? How ironic. They feel they have the right to take away something so many people care about. The next generation of readers and book-lovers will need libraries to visit; they will need these places where they can choose their own books for free. I think we can all remember a time - or quite a few times - when our parents have taken us to our local library as a child. Without libraries, how are children meant to discover books? The argument will probably be there's a library a short-drive away - but, a library should be right there for whenever we want to read!
 I don't understand why places people can go to just get out of the house and communicate with others ahave an underlying message from the Government of 'being useless' - when, of course, they're not.  Although, when I see something like THIS, I feel disgusted. I'd like to point out that, when they are the one's closing down the one place anyone can go to just pick up a book and read, they can't complain about lower grades and exam results across the country. We all know, that they still will though. We all see the news reports at exam times, and now, we just all need to think, "But you were the one's that closed the libraries" - they're not only a place I get books but somewhere I go to do work! If a library closes every group of people will be affected. Are we meant to go, 'Oh, never mind, the politicians need their Gym?' I certainly won't be.
What do you think of the latest library closures?
Do you feel there are still enough across the country?


  1. This is all extremely true and I commend you highly for it; I've been visiting my library since I was 3 and would have been earlier, but we didn't have one nearby in Somerset, so I could only start visiting when I moved to Birmingham! But anyway, it's totally ironic. In honesty, I don't think they know what they're doing about anything really these days. I'd hate for my kids, their kids etc in the future to not have libraries to go to... We don't not only use them for the books but for research, the computers if we need them, and the friends. The guys at mine know me and my family and are always asking about school, the baby-to-come and just in general! Fortunately, they aren't going to shut my library completely as a few years ago it was completely redone, but I think a few around me will, and it has very few staff so it's close 3/7 days a week. I hate the cuts, but the irony does make me laugh. Great post Sophie!

    1. Woah - you weren't exaggerating when you said you left me a big comment! Thanks, Charli!

      I can't bare to think what it will be like...I find libraries so welcoming! My Dad jokes that I 'keep my library open' and the librarians at mine know me too! I always forget my card so, they know to type my name in now! Having it shut three days a week is terrible - my local is only shut on Sunday! This shouldn't be happening! Thanks again, Charli!

  2. Brilliant brilliant post, Sophie. So true ;')

  3. Oh no! This is terrible, they definitely shouldn't be closing down libraries, that's like one of my worst nightmares come true! I adore the library and I also always take books out even though I have so many of my own to read. They cannot do this.

    Great post! <3

    1. Sadly, it's not just a nightmare! Haha! I think all bloggers have the same problem; we just can't stop getting books! I really wish they couldn't...

      Thank you!

  4. I hate all this talk of library shutdowns too - it's just ridiculous! I honestly can not get it into my head WHY. I absolutely love my local library, it's in Aberystwyth and it's just fantastic. I go there probably once a week, to study as well as to get new books (as I inevitably do). It's nice and quiet, with internet access and tables, an of course lots and lots of books - perfect for studying in. And the books! There's a downstairs for fiction and upstairs for non-fiction and I love to just browse the shelves and look for books. I would never let my library be closed down!

    Great post, Sophie :)

    1. Completely agree with your opinion, I'm struggling to think why any would want to close down a library too! You're local library sounds amazing! I don't think any blogger could go into a library and not pick up any books! I'd love to browse there - and I think I'd start petitions and protest if they shut my library down!

      Thank you! :)

  5. I spend more time at my library and probably talk about my library more than anyone who doesn't actually work at one. (Okay, that's probably not true... but it does seem like every time I start talking about how great the library is, people just assume that I work there.)

    It really is disgusting to think about how many communities no longer have this resource.


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