Anti-Bulllying Blog Week(Day 6): Words are my Weapon

I want to begin this post by saying an over-whelming thank you to everyone who posted about their own experiences of bullying yesterday! I spent a lot of the night sobbing...but, also got a tweet from Andy Robb saying that his Guest Post has found it's way onto a school display wall in Guernsey. Along with my blog being a QR Code there, which means teenagers who are being bullied can find my posts!
The School display...decorate with coke bottles to match the
growing fan-base for the Coke-Bottle Theory!
This was a poem I wrote about Anti-Bullying, that came joint-second in a Poetry Competition that was held by author Siobhan Curham!

I let out a breath.
I take my final bow.
I wait for the applause.
I know it’s the end of this show.
I catch your eye.
I see you divert your gaze.
I am the one,
I won this race.
I was once the dartboard,
I was where you would strike,
I now hold the dart,
I would never let it fly.
I am fire, alive
I am uncontrollable
I am flickering flames,
I am the one that fights.
I smile,
I walk away,
I take a glance back,
I see you gaze.
I remember all of those comments,
I am reminded of what you used to say,
I remember the endless jokes.
I realise I always had a reply.
I held it in,
I did, until today,
I made sure you heard it,
I destroyed your parade.
I now walk through the corridor,
I hold my head high,
I use words as a weapon,
But only when I write.

I hope you liked it! I also want to say congratulations to Hawwa who came joint-second with me and Amber who actually won!


  1. You poem is amazing - brought tears to my eyes! :)xx

    1. Thank you so much! That comment made me smile so much! :D xx


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