Anti-Bullying Blog Week(Day 1) - Introduction

'It happens outside of books.'
Hi! Welcome to Anti-Bullying Blog Week! ABBW has come around so quickly, and is something I'm extremely passionate about. This week was inspired by two things: one being when I was researching topics that I could write about on my school-website, and noticed Anti-Bullying Week(which starts on the 18th November) was coming up, and the other being the publication of Siobhan Curham's free beat-bullying guide, 'Finding Your Inner Cherokee' which I was lucky enough to be the first reader of! These two things got me thinking about doing something more - and, being someone who has been on the receiving end of a lot of horrible comments, I felt the best way to do this was in the form of my blog that, luckily, nobody at school reads. The people who do read my blog though, I know have been affected by bullying, and this needs to change(as they are the nicest people!)
Thank you to Ruby from Feed Me Books Now for this banner and Amber from
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I was recently asked why this week is so important to me. My answer; it's important that nobody is made to feel 'not good enough.' From a very recent experience that really upset me, I understand what it feels like but, also know it can be much, much worse. This is why I want this week to be a success, because I can only imagine what it feels like to a certain extent - as I've only ever experience what I like to call 'being a dartboard'. It's not like you can just 'escape' from it anymore when you close the door either, as the internet is used daily to cause arguments and make comments. Honestly, this week is about opening-the-eyes of those people out there who may be causing bullying and making sure those that are feeling they are 'fat, ugly, stupid, dumb or anything that no-one has the right to call you' know that their favourite authors have gone through it too. From the pieces that I have read already, from authors including: Andy Robb(who had me in tears), Siobhan Curham, Natasha Ngan, Emma Pass and Sharon Sant, all of which have taken the time to get involved with this week, I'm seriously shocked. Yet, I love the way they have come back fighting.
I currently have a few-too-many posts planned for this week, due to the fact I couldn't edit any part of what the authors wrote, to make one smaller post. So, there will be more than one post going up on a few of the days this week.

Ways we are standing up against bullying:

(This is not final - some things are likely to change days.)
Today: Introduction(Where I give you all the information you need!)
Tomorrow: Bullied in Books(A post discussing all the book characters that have been bullied)
Monday: Interview with Siobhan Curham(Talking about 'Finding Your Inner Cherokee') and
the first of my 'Author Advice' posts(featuring authors discussing how they over-came bullying.)
Tuesday: Andy Robb Guest Post(Author of the Geekhood Series shares his experience of bullying)
Wednesday: Bloggers on Bullying(Remember to get involved!)
Thursday: 'Author Advice 2' and a piece of writing about Bullying.
Friday: The World from YA Eyes - Bullying
Saturday: Dare to Dream Guest Post(Written by Siobhan Curham, along with the conclusion to the event!)
I want to make sure that everyone who is going through a hard-time to do with bullying, is able to find the posts each day, so there are various different ways you can spread-the-word about this event. If you tweet about it, the hash-tag is #AntiBullyingBW and I will be following them throughout. Also, on the 20th November, there will be a feature going up called 'Bloggers on Bullying', something I mentioned above. This is one of the posts I am most excited about, because I know so many bloggers have been affected by bullying, and I wanted to let them share their stories. Not only will I be posting my own, but I want anyone who feels comfortable to do so too. All you have to do is create a post about your own/a friends or a book characters' experience that made you think, called 'Bloggers on Bullying: My Experiences' and then link it up to my post! I think this feature will be able to make a difference so, if you are getting involved, remember to tweet me the link. I'd also love it if you would send me an email telling me what you think of this idea, and if it has helped you in anyway. If all goes well, I already have a few ideas about how this could become even better. Anyway you feel you can  help - and if you're an author reading this and wants to get involved with an 'Author Advice' post last minute - please get in touch!
I want to thank all of the people that have already supported #AntiBullyingBW who are joining me in making a difference. I'm not out to stop all bullying, because that's never going to happen in such a society, but to cause small changes towards that.


  1. This is a really good idea. I'll have a guest post on bullying from Siobhan Curham going up on Monday, and I'm going to try and review Finding Your Inner Cherokee at some point next week as well, so I must remember to mention what you're doing on one of those posts! I look forward to seeing all the posts that go up on your blog this week!

    1. Thank you so much, Maya! FYIC is brilliant, right?

  2. Sophie I just love your passion and how much you do for us bloggers! This is such an important issue and having been a victim of bullying frequently, it's an issue quite close to heart. I will be sharing my story on Wednesday and I can't wait to see the response this week gets. Love the banner! Excited to see all the posts. Well done Sophie!

    1. I feel like "thank you" is just not enough for such a lovely comment! I appreciate your support immensely, Sunny! x


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