Must-See Moments: Catching Fire

This is my 250th Post!
Must-See Moments is a brand-new feature that I will be writing when a new book-to-film adaptation is about to hit cinemas. Of course, I think we all know that adaptations will not be a direct translation from book to screen, and there will be parts that didn't make into the movie. Even so, there are certain moments that need to be in there or all that counting down will have been for nothing.

There will be spoilers in the post for people who have not read Catching Fire.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is out on November 21st(in the UK). This means there are just TWO WEEKS until I - and other Tributes - can see the next book come alive. I remember being excited when it was 'One Year Until Catching Fire' and now we are almost in single-figures. I can't quite believe how quite it has come around - especially saying I can remember using computers in school to check whether Finnick had been cast yet!

I've also found myself dancing-around-my-living-room due to the fact TV Spots have started to appear in the adverts.

  1. The kiss shared between Katniss and Gale - When I read the books, at this point, I remember wanting Katniss and Gale to be together, as I'm one of 'those' people that wants the best-friend to get his/her happily-ever-after. When the kiss appeared in the trailer, I wasn't expecting it at all, and can't wait to see the build-up and the whole scene.
  2. District 11 - This is the first time we get to see the other district and Rue's district is going to hit the hardest. The speech Katniss has to give with Rue's family there and the man raising his hand into the three-fingered salute. I'm looking forward to how dramatic this is going to be.
  3. Gale's whipping - For some reason, and after over a year I'm still not quite sure, this was my favourite scene in the book. I can't recall why, I think it was the moment when the story changed for Katniss and she had to think-fast. Her best-friend being whipped really opened her eyes in my opinion so, I feel this was the driving-force of Catching Fire. In the first trailer, we saw Katniss say 'Go ahead' and I'm definitely ready to see how this resolves; to see how Haymitch steps in
  4. The Reaping - I've heard this is emotional - and we've seen clips of Katniss turning to Effie with a tear rolling down her face. I also have a lot of questions about how this is going to play-out: will Haymitch volunteer for Peeta like in the book, or will Peeta just be reaped? How will the people from District 12 react?
  5. Katniss' Skill - I have been wanting to see this scene come-alive for so long, and mostly, the Gamemakers' reaction.
  6. The Interviews  - There are quite a few interview I'm excited for. Not only the 75th Games one's *cough, cough* Peeta announces Katniss is pregnant and we get to see the Mockingjay Dress but, the moment Peeta proposes!
  7. Cinna's ending - There is a reason I'm carrying tissues in my pocket for this movie, as I know this is going to be upsetting. I'm curious about how this is going to happen, especially because of it's teenage-audience so, I will be sitting in my seat, knowing it is coming...
  8. The first look at the Arena - From all the trailers, it's clear this is going to be visually- incredible. As Katniss rises up from the tube it's going to be immensely dramatic and, just getting a feel for how Francis has gone about designing the clock-face is something I am hugely anticipating.
  9. Peeta's mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - I've been watching cast interviews other the past few days and all I have heard about is the snot that was in an out-take between Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Huthcerson at this point. Also, I really thought Peeta wasn't coming back and the way Katniss reacts will probably make me reach for my tissues.
  10. The beach scene - This is the part, if you can remember the book, where Peeta hands Katniss the locket and they stay together while watching the arena. I thought this was such a powerful scene in the book, and a part where you truly have no idea what is going to happen because they both want the other to win.
What are your must-see-moments in Catching Fire? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I can't wait for this movie. It's my favorite book from THG :D

  2. Somehow I am so excited for this movie. I admit I'm not obsessed with that trilogy. The books were a bit over hyped for me. I think it was mocking jay that let me down.
    But I absolutely adore the films! I think Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. I'm not too happy about Peeta and Katniss, I just never clicked with Peeta in the books. So I think I'm more team Gale.
    Cool feature by the way! It's very interesting!
    Marian ^_^ x

  3. OMG this movie will be the end of me! So many amazing scenes to be captured on screen, this was definitely the best if not the second best of the books. I am excited for a lot of scenes but also nervous because I don't want Cinna to be dead. I'm still suffering that pain! I'm interested to see Gale's whipping. But I also really want to see the actual games because in the latest trailer, it looked beyond amazing! I am also just looking forward to seeing a different more vulnerable yet stronger, side to Katniss that I know Jennifer Lawrence will portray perfectly! My excitement can not be contained. Great choices, Loved this post!

  4. I'm going to sob like a waterfall when it comes to District 11 and The Reaping. Stuff the tissues, I'll need empty swimming pools and towels are tissues...

    Yes. That sounds about right. Gosh I hope they do it justice!


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