Wednesday Writing: Poetry from my 7 Year-old Self

I don't know how this post will go because, I just ripped one of the pieces of paper which I've had for seven years just getting one of the poems out. Even so, these are some of my favourite possessions, and when I was going through the box that I keep all of this type of thing in, I knew I had to share them. I hope I've improved slightly since I wrote these, as I have a very detailed memory of when I sat down and put pen-to-paper. I haven't changed any of the words but,  I may have had to correct the spelling and awful grammar!

'Were in Danger'

Elephant, giant panda too,
We're all in danger from you,
You chop down our forest,
Where it rains so much,
Were going so quickly,
Please help us stay today.

Dolphin, shark, otter and whale,
Were all in danger from you,
You pollute all our water
and catch us in nets,
Please help us get some rest.
Were going so quickly please help us stay today.

All our lives we need to stay,
Were all special in our own special way,
So keep earth safe today and forever,
Thank you in our own special animal way.

The missing apostrophes are somehow cute!


Spring is lovely,
Spring is kind,
Spring is just so divine,
Spring is when the flowers grow,
And when nice weather is here to stay,
In spring you can start going out to play,
And when you can have a really lovely day.

I didn't realise how artistic this would seem - especially as the lines get bigger as I go along!

'Keep safe with the Weather'

When the sun's shining bright,
On a hot sunny day,
Before you go out to play.

Make sure everyone is safe,
With sun cream and hats,
And shades to cover you,
For a scrummy picnic.

When the sun's shining,
Bright on a hot sunny day,
Make sure that everyone is safe,
Don't want big rashes on your eye lashes(Really Sophie?)
Whip sun cream on and you'll be safe,
On a lovely hot sunny day...yea.

I don't really think the 'yea' on the end is necessary, but, I guess seven-year-old me did!

'Midnight in the Wood'

It is midnight in the wood.
I hear the fox sneaking through,
The black shadowy grass.
I hear the hedgehog slipping through,
the crunchy leaves  looking for it's dinner,
I hear the rabbit hopping through,
the dark flowers that smell lovely to her burrow and burrowing in.
I hear the dear slowly prancing,
Through the big swaying trees.
And I head a mole sniffing through,
The underground world looking for his lunch.
It is midnight in the wood,
And I have heard a fox and a hedgehog and a rabbit and a dear and a mole.

I hope you enjoyed reading them!



  1. Awhhh, how adorable! I can hit myself, because I deleted all my older poems in a strange mood.. Would be so sweet to read now, but yeah. Treasure them! :D

  2. These are so cute and WAY better poems than seven-year-old me could have ever wrote! :3 My favourite has got to be the last one - Midnight in the Wood! :D

  3. Aw that's so cute! I'm guessing food and animals were your favourite topics when you were little? ;) Hehe


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