Fandom Freak-Out #2 - TFiOS Trailer Reaction

Unless the internet is the bane of your existence, you may have not heard of a small book called 'The Fault in Our Stars', written by John Green, about two teenagers - who are both cancer sufferers - that meet at Cancer Kid Support Group, and fall in love. If you have not yet picked it up,  I can't urge you enough to do so, as it is a beautiful and compelling novel, and, admittedly, a tear-jerker. Why I am writing this post, though? The adaptation of the movie(which will have it's official release in the UK on June 20th) now has a trailer, not the leaked version, but a high-quality one, and it is perfection. Now, this is not cookie dough ice-cream perfection; this is not curled up with a hot-drink and a good book perfection; but instead this is the use of the word 'perfect' that involves staying true to a book when making it into a film - not re-creating it.
If you haven't yet seen the amazing trailer - grab the tissues!
Let's start at the beginning - the beginning of what could be a blabber of completely incoherent thoughts, and I apologise for that! I don't think I could have been more hesitant when it came to the announcement that Shailene Woodley would be playing Hazel-Grace. I have never seen any of her films before, but I was worried, as she is already one of my favourite YA book-characters in the adaptation of Divergent. Even so, I regret doubting her, as not once did I think, when watching the trailer for the first, or fifth, or tenth time, "She's Tris" and I've only just remembered. Woodley has Hazel's mannerisms, actions and voice spot-on, like she came straight from the book!
I cried. I couldn't help it. This trailer really brings-across how emotional and heart-wrenching the story is, but it doesn't just do that. It's about hope, and life, and how it's not always perfect but it's what you do with the few infinities. The moment Ansel Elgort - as Gus Waters - appeared in the trailer, after the faultless beginning from Woodley(which is all-so-sweet until the truth hits you), this was around the time I began to sob. I've loved this casting choice for Gus since the beginning, and Elgort didn't let me down, the moment he said the infamous 'Oblivion' line, and then you saw the chemistry as Woodley as Hazel rolled her eyes - in what must be the most accurate description taken from book-to-screen of the 'Literal Heart of Jesus' -  I was drawn-in. There was not a line he said that I didn't remember from the book, and I, for one, was wishing for my own Gus Waters when he told Hazel that she's 'Beautiful.' You can see they are normal young-people, and they want that, and this was also one of my favourite parts of the book, so I honestly couldn't be happier as a fan to see that these castings are more than just believable.
One pet-peeve of mine is when the people behind film adaptations decide to change things; decide that the book, that has thousands, even millions, of fans is not 'good enough.' I think this is okay(unintended pun) when it wouldn't translate well on the screen, but with TFiOS, everything works. There is not one moment that I can't see working in June, and I was ecstatic to notice that that was what the people working on the movie must have thought too(only I do think John Green's complete involvement played a huge part). The trailer screamed, "DETAILS!" - and I adored it. For example, Hazel's Cannula, the way she pulls along her Oxygen Tank, the every-day clothing that is so simple, the way they didn't shy away from the fact Issac is blind, and finally the swing-set! I was hoping to see that, as it was part of one of my favourite scenes in the book! It's a gorgeous trailer, beautifully tied-together, and with most of the book-quotes I added to my 'Goodreads' list because I liked them that much, or highlighted when I read it on my Kindle.
 It's surprising how much they can fit-into one trailer, but they also leave enough for us to see when the movie is actually-out. It's not all sugar-coated, all about enjoying life, it's raw and honest, and I loved seeing how hard-hitting those parts were, as it did make me realise how I'm not going to be able to watch this in the cinema; although I still will. I have complete faith in this movie being one of, if not the best, adaptation I've seen!
"Okay." The final word of the trailer. The most heart-wrenching, gut-churning, tear-jerking moment that they could have thrown in, as if book-lovers did not already have tears pooling in their eyes. I have to admit, If not when we first meet Gus, this may just be my final moment. Okay? I don't think any of us were after seeing it!
What was your favourite part of the trailer?


  1. I can't begin to explain the perfection of the TFIOS trailer. I was thinking of writing a reaction post as well but my thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations. Every aspect of the trailer was perfect. Everything how I imagined it. I never doubted Shailene but I did doubt Ansel but I have now so much confidence in him and zero doubt. I have watched the trailer so many times and every time I get the shivers. I have no doubt I'll be balling my eyes out when the movie comes out, it's actually going to be quite embarrasing. Great Post!

  2. So I've watched and rewatched and rewatched this trailer so many times - it's beautiful and I always tear up, even if it's just a little bit, every time! It didn't even cross my mind that they were Tris and Caleb the first time I watched it - they've really caught the characters spot on! I've always been sceptical of Woodley because I didn't like her series The Secret Life of the American Teenager but she sure looks like an amazing actress now!

    Great post! Can't wait 'till this comes out in cinema!


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