The World From YA Eyes: New year, new diet? No thank you!

The World From YA Eyes is a feature I absolutely love to write as it means I can write a post full of opinion, and about something I feel strongly about. I know that this feature should be posted on a Friday, but I have been so busy lately that I haven't really stuck to my plans...

It's a New Year, and a lot of people say it's a new-start. I don't. You can't change all of last year's events because a day now separates them. You also can't be expected to think none of the things you did last year can no longer be counted as achievements because they didn't happen in the current-year. Personally, the reading goal that I was so proud of because I reached, suddenly means 'nothing' which is something I'm always sad to see go back to '0' books. Of course, I'd like setting  few goals, as it's nice to have something to aim for, 2014 is a year I'm really ready to begin writing-a-novel and so, the New Year can be good to give a push towards that - just like other people decide to give up smoking, drinking or whatever other habits they no longer want. Although, I still really dislike the New Year, and the reason for this is the fact I suddenly need to feel the need to loose weight.

The one thing that is associated most with the New Year, and shouldn't be, is the idea that you should go on a diet and suddenly start eating healthier because January is here! Personally, all the adverts on TV about the latest fitness DVDs or how to join Weightwatchers make me feel bad about my self; and this is something that shouldn't be happening. My first thought when I see these is, 'If you want to loose weight - why don't you start mid-year because by the New Year, you would be already on track to having a better, more preferably lifestyle." Clearly, this is the same for the things I talked about above, and rightly-so. Shouldn't people feel just as inspired to kick-start changing a few things they are un-happy about in, say, March? Also, once again there's the image that these 'New Years Resolutions' are portraying to females. Admit it, you never see anything for men who may have decided to loose weight, so the pressure is really on for women; who now feel they have to loose the weight they have put on over Christmas because everyone else seems to be doing it, while every magazine you see in the supermarket is filled with articles about how to get slimmer in the New Year, and you can't turn on your computer without an advert or tweet about how to loose weight appearing on your screen. You simply can't escape from the sudden need everyone has to go on a diet.

Christmas is the reason most people decide to begin dieting - because you ate a Christmas dinner and enjoyed your food. This year, after reading an article that said how many calories the average person puts on over Christmas, even I avoided eating some desserts or as much as usual because I was worried I'd suddenly get 'fat' as I'd eaten more for just one week of the fifty-two that are in year. I'm only fourteen and have these feelings. The food during Christmas is one of my favourite parts of the festive-period, at times it even beats the gift-giving, but I'm made to feel bad about what I've eaten as soon as January 1st comes around. It's purposefully done, though, I mean when do you think the local Gym has the highest-amount of new members, join? Or when do you think that athlete sells the most fitness DVDs? It's after you have just, to put it quite bluntly, stuffed your face full of food, and are easily made to feel guilty about it.

I'm always thinking about the image it can have on younger-girls, feeling bad about what you've eaten is the basis of some many health-problems regarding weight. Do people no longer think about that? Think about the fact that, despite these diets being aimed at adults, us 'children' still pick it up. We still see the adverts, magazines; still hear the people, when asked what their resolution for the year is say, "To loose weight." So, my question to you is, why does a new year mean you suddenly have to be thin? As it doesn't. I for one, will not be dieting because I've got a new calendar on my wall. For me, the new year means going back to school is inevitably, as when I finish on the last-term I always feel like the holidays will last forever, and that I will probably set targets for myself I won't keep while watching countries compete over who will have the best fireworks; which I always find immensely entertaining! Is that bad?

What do you think? Should everyone start a new diet because it's a new year? Or do you feel it's just a good-time to make everyone feel guilty because Christmas has just gone? Tell me the comments!

'The World from YA Eyes' is a regular-feature that will continue to be posted fortnightly on a Friday(From now on).


  1. I like your view on things. I guess I see both sides of the whole new year, new diet argument. I'm trying to eat healthier but I get what you mean. You want to look good before the new year starts. I think it's a little ridiculous how the diet industries are using the insecurities of people to make more money. What has the world come to truly?

  2. This is a great post Sophie. I too hate the pressure placed on women and girls to be unrealistically thin. My new year's resolution (or one of them!) is to be HEALTHY and to enjoy life to the full - this means eating plenty - and regular chocolate fixes. Ha!

  3. Great post, Sophie! This feature is always so interesting to read! I think I stand on the fence when it comes to this argument. It is ridiculous how every year many people fail their resolutions and usually just use the same ones every year. My status on Facebook the other day was "The gyms next week are going to be packed" and it's true - and in about 6 months times it will be less people. BUT I think it is nice to have a clean slate again! If a year has gone terribly for someone or they are determined to change something about themselves, it nice to have that reason and motiviation.

    Yay, I'm glad this is a regular feature! :) Thanks for sharing!


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