Dear Peeta Mellark...

Happy Valentine's Day! It's time to curl up with your favourite book-boyfriend, eating heart-shaped chocolates, while replaying songs from Twilight on Youtube. You could though, decide it's time to find some courage and write a letter to your favourite fictional character, confessing your love? After all, it's not like they're going to ignore you, is it?

Dear Peeta Mellark,
Since the first time we met, when you threw me the loaves of bread that day in the rain, thoughts of you have hit me, almost making my legs buckle-beneath me, with the surprise of them. Sometimes every-week; every-month; every-year. I will always remember how you were - and still are -  my dandelion in the spring. You are the hope when all else is lost. I may be the flame - but you're the burning embers, never going out. In the cold winters you still bring bread to my doorstop, that is warm from the oven, your hands slightly burnt from carrying it over to my house. In the summer you decorate cakes intricately for parties and spend weeks creating icing-figures for the top of my birthday-cake, that has layers of vanilla and chocolate, my hair tied into a braid at the side. Remember the one for my thirteenth? Of course you do. There are times when you continue to ponder the question, "Is our love real or not real?" and I can never help but tease you for a while, before replying, "Real." After all, our lives are tied together like a piece of rope. While the knots bind our past, there I still some remaining for our future.
From the nights spent holding me in your arms when I have nightmares, and reassuring me whenever I need it, Peeta I can't express how lucky I am to have you! It isn't just the fact that you are a baker, and although I hate to admit it, your talents in the kitchen are better than mine, but it is your words. You are extremely-wise, more like an eighty year-old man than a sixteen year-old, and how you speak reflects that. Your childhood never affects you; it's what's make you the calm after-math of every storm.  I want to protect you, to never let you get hurt-again, as that's what you and I do, we protect each-other. Let's talk about how you are always there to catch me when I fall; almost.  You're tougher than everyone thinks. That's a compliment! There are not many people who can say that somebody they know makes them feel like they do matter. That they are not another piece in somebody's game and instead that they are not pretty, not beautiful, but as radiant as the sun. You are what all of humanity should be like. You make me feel like I matter.
I added some pages to the scrap-book. You may want to have a look.
Love from,
Sophie x

Which fictional-character would you want to be spend today with?


  1. That was beautifully written Sophie, despite the fact I find Peeta incredibly annoying! Super sorry about that but agh well, just means you don't have to share him! ;) I actually remember giving you the christmas card with him on. :D

    In terms of who I'd choose… well… HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME PICK?! I guess Will Herondale is the obvious choice (although, let's be honest I wouldn't be able to utter a coherent sentence). Mr Darcy is a tad cliché but definitely a favourite of mine – I'm holding by the belief he's popular for a reason! Holden Caulfied just because, well, it's Holden freakin Caulfield. I'd also say Akiva from DoSaB just because he's an angel (no, literally). OH and either Chaol or Prince Dorian (Chaol based on ToG and Dorian based on CoM). Maybe even Max from The Book Thief as I loved him SO much when I first read it… argh, there are so many (and I'm totally not sorry about it)!

    1. Thank you, Ruby! I'll forgive you - as that Christmas card was absolutely amazing, and I have kept it so I can put it up next year!

      Now it's your turn to forgive me, as I still haven't read the 'Infernal Devices' but, I have read 'The Catcher in the Rye' and it was quite good! Of course, you know that my love for the 'Throne of Glass' serious is absolutely huge! I think I'd have to say Dorian - I'm sticking with him on this one!

      What about Gus?!

      -Sophie :)

  2. I loved your letter loved spead time JW chatcter Hetty Fearrther she so brave cute loooooooooooooooooooooove her soooooooooooooooooo much.

    1. Thank you, Jaden! I absolutely loved Hetty when I read about her! Her fiery temper made her extremely loveable!

      Great choice,


  3. Beautifully written. I love you writing style!
    RON WEASLEY RON WEASLEY RON WEASLEY! That's who I would've spent Valentine's Day with x

    1. Thank you so much!
      Ah, Ron! Such a great choice! As long as it's not Peeta, you can have anyone!



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