What Makes a Book Blogger?

Away from blogging, reading and writing, I have few other hobbies. I'd much rather stay at home and read a book than join a club - and I spend so much time procrastinating I seem to fill the hours in a day. Although, I absolutely love to bake; even though I always seem to burn or cut myself, or cover the floor in the ingredients that should be in the mixing bowl. In the kitchen, I'm a danger to myself and those around me, but there's something about eating spoonfuls of melted chocolate and being covered in flour that I quite enjoy. When thinking about a blog post, I couldn't help but resist the chance to combine my hobby of blogging and cooking together - and, quite literally, make a book blogger.
50g sense of adventure
50g need to stop our world turning into a dystopia
50g patience for those long-awaited book-releases
75g swoon for those romance novels
75g inability to avoid walking into Waterstones
75g of promising just one more page
100g belief that boys in books actually exist
100g sense of friendship
150g emotional-wreck
150g creativity
200g realisation that a love-triangle will never end the way you wanted
200g escapism
200g perseverance when denied a book
250g need for a five-star read
250g nerves for when meeting your favourite authors
300g love of fictional-heroines
300g reaction for when someone announces they don't like reading
350g excitement
400g procrastination
400g excitement for book-to-film adaptations.
450g inner-critique
450g imagination
500g love of books!
500g favourite reading-snack
3 tablespoons of fangirl
You will also need:
Numerous bookshelves filled with colourful spines.
Incapability of choosing just one favourite book.
Memory filled with book-quotes that you can blame on John Green.
A lack of social-life(that you won't miss for moment).
Tissues - lots of them.
Leave overnight in your local bookstore.
Take out in the morning.
WARNING: Don't drag them out unless they want to leave.
This was just a short-and-sweet post to wrap-up quite a stressful week. To sum it up in a few sentences, I planned a project called the BBC School Report at my school, which has taken a few months to do, and involved a visit to  a radio-station, an author coming to my school, and doing an interview for the BBC. This all concluded with an appearance on TV - which I wasn't expecting, giving me an indescribable shock when I suddenly appeared.
A community of book bloggers! Drawing by Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf!  
So, that's what I feel makes a book-blogger.
What would you add to this recipe?

EDIT: August 2014

Spelling corrected


  1. Love this post. I like how you drew all the blogger titles. And I have to say I love your recipe! Agree with it 100%

  2. LOOOOVVVVEEEEEE this, Sophie! SO. SO. SO. MUCH!

  3. This is.... awesome!!! So very creative. Definitely 3 table spoons fangirl... :D

    also. yay i'm in that! ;) who drew that? i vaguely remember..

  5. This recipe is spot on. This post is a load of awesomesauce! xD

  6. Ahh somehow this post got lost amongst all the other ones on my feed. Anyhow, now I'm here, THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I totally agree. :') It's perfect!

  7. This is perfect!! What a creative mind :)


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