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The title of this post may have been a hint, but I'm now back from my break! Now I've got a few exams done, I feel much more relaxed, and with only English, Welsh and Maths left, it's great to be back writing again. Throughout my two years of blogging, this has been the longest break I've taken, but it's definitely helped to keep me calm during my first few exams, especially since I've had absolutely no time to read these past few weeks. Ever since the first mentions of GCSE exams, I've had a very clear image of what they would be like, from the eerie silence that fills the room like the moment before the rain pours, to the invigilators that stalk past you as if they are in a funeral-procession. Suddenly, I was getting thrown into something that I had always feared, and after months of revision, I hardly knew how I felt. I had bought my clear pencil case, new black ball-point pens and was about to walk into the exam room. Just like thousands of other teenagers across the country.
Here's the thing. That hour? It flew by! When I opened my paper, took part in the panic that ensues when the first question proves impossible, and then began to answer those I did know, it was soon coming to an end. Biology was horrible, admittedly, but Chemistry was better. Physics, on the other hand, I'd rather not discuss.These past few weeks have been incredibly stressful, so I'm now taking a short revision break, spending this weekend at the Hay Festival instead of at my desk, slouched over revision notes. It's difficult to judge my performance in the exams - although I'm certain I answered an eight mark question in my History exam on the wrong doctor. Luckily, I've got the comfort of being allowed to resit if my result is not what I hoped it would be. That's the blunt truth about revision; you can revise for months, learn every detail, but you can't change what happens in that exam room. Under pressure, you can easily make mistakes, and the only thing that can help that is to stay calm. Unsurprisigly, I'm anything but this before an exam starts!
Away from exams, a couple of days ago I became a Prefect! Over the past year, I've worked extremely hard in school running projects, writing newsletters and organising trips. The fact that I now get to pin a shiny red-badge on my uniform everyday is a huge confidence-boost, and hopefully, I'll be able to take on the role and do it well. That marked the end of Year Ten for me, as when I return to school after the holidays, I'm into my final year; which I still can't believe.
Since I'm back blogging, I have a few posts planned for the next week:
26h May - Event Recap: Hay Festival
27th May - Discussion/The World from YA Eyes
30th May - Fandom Freak Out: Anticipating TFiOS
I've had quite a few weeks to think about new post ideas, so keep watch!
If you're sitting exams, how have they gone so far?
What exams have you got left?
Tell me in the comments!


    I couldn't agree more that the exam hours flew by! As we discussed - having the same paper - Biology was painful, Chemistry was surprisingly good and Physics well....
    Physics was an interesting one - an hour before I fell ill and was sick in my history lesson, so throughout the exam I was in pain and couldn't concentrate, on top of that, the paper just added to the agony...
    Hopefully we'll have both done well! And congrats again on being a prefect - you deserve it! xx

    1. YAAYYY! I'm really excited to be writing again, and glad you're exams went well overall!

      That Biology paper was horrible, I'll admit, but I'm hoping the Chemistry will make up for it!

      Thank you so much, Holly! You've probably nailed all your exams!

      -Sophie x

  2. You're back! And after a six-month hiatus, so am I! I still have two exams left, but they're only Spanish and Art (both on Friday) so ..... meh. Hope your remaining ones go well and looking forward to reading more of your posts soon! :D

    1. Yay! I'm so glad to see you're writing again! I've missed your posts!

      How did your Spanish and Art go?

      Thanks, Emily!

      -Sophie :)

  3. So glad you're back! I'm sure all your exams will have gone better than you think! ;D I'm lucky enough to say mine are over for this year, so, just like I have, you will get through them!

    Congrats on becoming a Prefect! At my school, whoever filled out a form got to be Prefect - kind-of defeats the purpose, haha! So we have loads and loads of Prefects and half of them don't even do their job! :3

    I will also be moving into my last year of secondary school in a couple weeks - 9th June to be exact! I'm kind-of freaking the freak out! :(

    1. I'm so glad to be back! It's a beacon of hope to see that somebody has gotten through them! There's actually living proof! Haha!

      We had to fill out forms at first, and then teachers sat down and chose based on attendance, what we had done in the school etc. There's quite a few in my school. It's the badges that everyone wants to wear!

      So, I'm guessing we're both in our final year now? It's crazy!

      -Sophie :)


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