Survival Guide: Book Blogging

When I started book blogging, all I had was a netbook - that was covered in Hannah Montana stickers - and a half-filled bookshelf. Two years on, there are now three filled shelves in my bedroom, along with a box and other stacks wherever they can fit(under my desk, for example). I've realised that there are some essentials book bloggers need, mostly for reviews, and that you can never have too many post-it notes. As for bookmarks, I have an ever-growing collection on my desk, but I still use the TV remote - until my parents are looking for it - at times.
-Access to a laptop or tablet, with no broken-keys(like my first!);
A camera(useful for book hauls), but a camera phone works;
-Headphones are must-have when siblings are home;
-A blog email account with an updated contact list that includes publishers;
-Memory stick;
- Stacks of multi-coloured post-it notes;
- A few packs of page-markers, in different shapes(arrows are my favourite!);
- Multiple bookmarks, collected from different events, within arms-reach;
- A pile of battered notepads, with both lined and plain paper inside;
- A diary, keeping your blog posts organised;
- Set of pens, some need to be without chewed-lids;
-Other stationary, including themed-rubbers and animal pencil sharpeners;
- Business cards for book festivals;
-Strong backpack, spacious inside for carrying hardbacks;
-Storage boxes, for un-shelved ARCs and proof-copies, along with old favourites;
-Bookshelves or a bookcase, with lots of space for new novels;
-Stock of teabags/coffee ready for writing;
-Designated blogging-mug;
-Book-themed merchandise(I own a Mockingjay Pin!).
So, what's on your book blogging survival guide?
Tell me in the comments!


  1. Perfect. Just perfect. Providing there's a YALC next year, I absolutely need to buy a strong rucksack before hand for towing books around.

    1. Thank you, Holly!

      You will need a strong one! Mine became so heavy with all of the free stuff that I picked up!

      -Sophie :) x

  2. LOVE this post! Hmmm... My survival guide would include:

    1) Books
    2) Laptop
    3) Blog email
    4) Other bloggers
    5) My brain (because I don't ALWAYS note down my thoughts on a book, though I do sometimes!)

    1. Thank you, Rachel! Completely agree about other bloggers; I don't know what I'd do without the online community we have!

      I'm awful for not writing things down and forgetting them five minutes later! That's a bit frustrating...

      -Sophie :)

  3. Mine would be a significant other who understands why you won't be able to talk to them for two hours while you write that review.

    1. That's such a good one! Although, mine would have to be my parents!

      -Sophie :)

  4. My survival guide would include:
    1. A notebook for jotting down post ideas
    2. A feed reader filled with all my favorite book blogs
    3. Books, of course. Lots and lots of them. And a library card!
    4. An e-mail, but not a separate account because I'm lazy
    5. A camera of some kind. I have both a dslr, but lately I've just been using my camera phone (see, I'm lazy)
    6. Computer access!
    7. A big mug of mint tea :)

    1. I completely forgot to mention actual books in this survival guide! Oops!

      Absolutely love yours! I haven't tried mint tea before, but I'm obsessed with lemon! Have you tried it?

      -Sophie :)

  5. My first book blogging laptop was covered in hello, kitty stickers. xD

    1. This screams nostalgia! I think mine was Disney Channel stickers!

      -Sophie :)

  6. That is a great list of must-haves :) I approve! hehe


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