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I felt in the mood to post, so this may be a completely random blog entry(It probably will be) or it will actually make some sense. At the moment, as you probably know from my last post I'm TOTALLY ADDICTED to 'The Hunger Games' I don't know what it is about the book but I just can't stop reading!! I read it for 2 HOURS this morning, just because it's so exciting and every time you try to stop you can't, because you desperately need to find out whats going to happen next. I've just started the second part of the book, which is when the Hunger Games is just going to start! I had to stop, because my eyes were hurting but what an AMAZING book(So far) There's still another 300 PAGES of total excitement and suspence to come! I know I'm rambling on but do you ever get that feeling when you've just started reading or finished a book and your really excited?
I'm just going to leave you with Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be with you! (You won't get this until you read the book)
Keep Day-Dreaming & Go buy The Hunger Games

P.S Only two more days until the poll and competition close! Get entering-Check a few posts down to find all the info you need!

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