My Top Ten Books!

I thought I would share my top ten books with you! If you've got any suggestions on books that you think are a MUST BUY  comment below and if I can find them I will read and review them for you!

1. War Horse- Michael Mupurgo
2. Hetty Feather-Jacqueline Wilson
3. My Sister Jodie-Jacqueline Wilson
4. Adolphus Tips-Michael Mupurgo
5. Cookie-Jacqueline Wilson
6. Lily Alone-Jacqueline Wilson
7.The Longest Whale Song-Jacqueline Wilson
8.Double Act/Little Darlings-Jacqueline Wilson
9.Jayne Eyre-Unknown Author(Sorry can't remember)
10. The Naughtiest Girl Series-Enid Blyton

If there are any books you think I or the other viewers should read comment below! Just a reminder that there is a poll and competition running. As it is Jacqueline Wilson Month they are both based on her and her AMAZING books. Get entering right now for a chance to WIN!!
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