Hello Day Dreamers! Get excited because there is now a new poll and competition as part of Jacqueline Wilson month! You can find the new 'What is your favorite Jacqueline Wilson book?' poll on the bottom of my sidebar. Winning book of the poll will be reviewed and there will be a new competition on it when it closes on the 24th May. You can't wait till then? Good, because there's another new competition that is open from NOW until the 23rd May-the last day to enter! All you have to do is message me your entry and you don't have to be a member to enter this one. All you have to do is write 500-1000 words on the Jacqueline Wilson character you think your most like! You can only enter once, and it can be from whatever Jacqueline Wilson book you like. The prize is your piece being published to my blog, the book you wrote it on being reviewed AND you can be added to my sidebar! Any problems with messaging me your entry or anything else to do with the competition please comment below! Good luck!!!!!
Day Dreaming Sophie:D


  1. There has been an extension on the poll, you now have until the 29th May to enter. So, the competition now runs until the 28th May!!

  2. I like the prizes(:

    Erm.... The Jacqueline Wilson character I am most like is probably Herrty Feather from Hetty Feather. Because although I've never been to a Foundling Hospital, and my mother's never had to scrape every penny together to stop herself from being forced into the Workhouse, I absolutely LOVE writing; just like Hetty. And it would be my absolute DREAM to be spotted by a publisher rather than have to chase one up. I admire her courage and confidence.


    AAWAD (: <3

  3. Thanks for your entry A.A.W.A.D! Hetty must be my favorite character too! I admire how feisty she is and the way she doesn't give up about her mum leaving her just fights and try's to find her. Again, thanks for entering! :)
    Day-Dreaming Sophie:D


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