Hello! Thank you to everyone who has entered the competition that has been running, but the winner with their INSPIRING paragraph on why they were most like the Jacqueline Wilson character is..awkwarddonkey:). I love the way that in her paragraph she compared her dreams and loves to Hetty's even though like she wrote she's never been to a foundling hospital. CONGRATULATIONS! As one of the prizes was that the winning piece would be posted, it will be in the next post. I will add you to my sidebar as soon as I can!!

I would also love to say that 'Hetty Feather' has won the poll 'What is your favorite Jacqueline Wilson Book' with an AMAZING 75% of YOUR votes! I'm happy to say it as Hetty Feather is my favorite all time book too. It is exciting, exhilarating and you don't know whats going to happen next. It also tugs on your heart strings, which is everything you want from a GREAT book! As Hetty Feather won the poll and the winning competition entry was about Hetty Feather I will be doing a review on the book really soon. I would do it today but, then I would have posted to much!

The Hunger Games Update

As you all know at the moment I'm OBSESSED with 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins. So, I thought in each post I would update you on how obsessed I'm getting by the day! I'm know on the final part 'The Victor' I would tell you more about whats going on but I don't want to ruin the surprise for the people, who, after all my posts will now go and read the book(Which you REALLY should do). Anyway, at the moment there are only 6 tributes remaining and it has been announced that 2 people can win this year(As long as there from the same district). Things are heating up know and the Game Makers are making things tougher everyday. I'm getting SOOOOOOOOO excited!

Anyway, Keep Day Dreaming & read 'The Hunger Games'


  1. Haha, thank you SO much! And I like way you said 'tug on your heart strings' - very inspiring!!

  2. I loved your entry, along with the fact that Hetty Feather is Jacqueline's best book! Thank YOU for entering & continuing to support to my blog

  3. Hi! Just found your blog - a follow for a follow? xx
    whatorlidid.blogspot.com x


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