I've decided to change the look of my blog again! I didn't mean to, I just tried to change the font yesterday and messed it ALL up. So, I decided I might as well change it and give my blog a brand new fresh look. I've changed the template, font, background, colors and mostly everything else. I hope you all LOVE it just as much as I do! There were some problems with my old blog, including that the side bar was a bit more and the font was a little bit messed up so I changed it! What do you think?

The Hunger Games News

I finished the series yesterday! What a FANTASTIC, EXHILARATING, EXCITING trilogy! I was in floods of tears when I read the last few lines because it was so emotional! The last line of the actual book is so sweet, I'm so happy Katniss finally found some happiness after all her pain. But I know what you're wondering whether it was Peeta or Gale? Well...your going to have to read it to find out! The chapters leading up to the end were AMAZING and intense. I wasn't expecting any of it! The review is coming really soon! I'm now so excited for the movie. It has already been released(March 23rd 2012) but I didn't go to see it because I hadn't read the books yet. It's released on DVD in the UK on September 3rd and in AMERICA on August 18th(REALLY UNFAIR) I'm hoping to find it on the internet somewhere(I hope..)


I am sending the highly anticipated interview with Kate Maryon tomorrow! I'm hoping to upload it by the end of the week, along with the review of Mockingjay and a post on Italy(you will get why when I upload it)! Also, the second round of voting for the BLOG BOOK AWARDS opens soon! The first round has now closed so thank you to everyone who has voted it means loads to have your support, this idea has been a BIG success! The next round will see all the books nominated by you go 'HEAD 2 HEAD' for the crown in their category. Finally, as I have almost got 500 views there will be a BRAND NEW BIG COMPETITION coming as soon as I hit the big 500!

Keep Day Dreaming & Read The Hunger Games

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