I've doubted myself time & time again, I've held myself back worrying about 'What if' & I've compared myself to somebody else, wanting to be like them! I wanted to post about being 'yourself' expressing your individuality. There is only one of you in this world, your special in every single way possible! Comparing yourself to somebody else, instead think about your good points! Your AMAZING, your YOU! As I said I've held myself back afraid to be who I am, but I've realized if I try to be someone I'm not I'm never going to happy! So, today it's time to express your individuality! If you have blonde hair, brown hair, ginger hair, if your short or tall, if you can't sing, that's who you are! I worry a LOT and I really can't do sports but it's time to focus on the good things about myself! So, I've decided this is what my blog is going to be about, along with books, being an individual! I'm going to refer back to something Hannah Montana once said "Nobody's perfect" and one of my favorite sayings "Perfect girls aren't real, real girls aren't perfect" I believe in both these sayings, if I'm happy with who I am and proud to be me why should it matter if someone doesn't like, for example, the clothes I wear. I like them! I will admit that I LOVE books and I LOVE to read, why does that make you a nerd? If you have your own style and enjoy something different to your peers, why does that make you weird? These are some questions I will never know the answers too, but it's time to be ourselves! People reading this blog probably like books, why should we be ashamed? We shouldn't! Anyway this is my rant for the day. I was sitting here wondering what to write and it all came out(Well..was typed out). I hope you enjoyed my rant anyway and feel free to comment! 

Blog News

The first round of voting for the 'BLOG BOOK AWARDS' closes on Friday! If you go down 4 or 5 posts you will find it! You can vote in as little or as many categories as you like by commenting under the post. Once the first round of voting closes I will open the second & final round, then all the nominees from the people who commented will go HEAD 2 HEAD! 

On to the next piece of news! I will be sending the interview to Kate Maryon on Friday night! That means you only have 3 more days to get your questions that you would like me to ask her to me. Just comment them below and I will pick the best three to ask her in the interview!

More news(I know, there's a lot going on) if you haven't noticed there is a poll on my sidebar! You have 10 more days to vote, make your opinion matter day dreamers!

Finally, I am hoping to start a new page on this blog full of all the things I've wrote! If anybody knows how to do this please will you HELP me!

Thank you for reading and supporting me! I am nearly at 500 views and when I reach it, there is going to be a BRAND NEW, BIG competition!

Keep Day Dreaming & Comment, Vote or Enter!!!

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