I wrote this short story a few months ago for an English assessment but after a reader commented on a post wondering if I post my own stories or poems on here I decided I would! This is my first story I have posted so I hope you like it and feel free to comment below. I will say sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes!
So, here goes..

It was an old mansion, standing tall on the dark winter's night. I walked up to the iron gates and unbolted the lock, They creaked open slowly and I walked up to the front door. I knocked, but nobody answered.

I felt a shiver running down my spine when I heared the shouts from above.

"I want my money!" shouted a man with a sinister tone
"I..I.. haven't got it!" replied a women, stumbling over her words
"Haven't got it!" the sinister toned man shouted" Why?"
"I...I...need it for other things" said the women, trembling
"I've had enough of this" he raged
"Please, just one more chance" she begged

But there was a gun shot..

The window from upstairs opened and fearing my own life I ran around to the side of the mansion. I heard the scrabbling down the wall and footsteps coming towards me. I didn't dare to move, if I did I was sure it would be the last step I would take. Was this the end? To my luck, I hear the car engine start and drive away into the night.

I stood stunned before I walked around to the front door again. Inside an innocent women, outside a guilty man still roaming free. I try the door, but have no luck. I ask myself how I'm supposed to get in now? Suddenly, I had an idea. I tugged at my hair, tied back in a slick ponytail for a clip. I placed it into the lock, will this actually work I wondered? I turned it and the door opened. I was standing in a long dark corridor with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. As I made my way through the corridor and up the spiral staircase, the eyes from the people painted in the portraits following me up, all I could think of was the women. When I reach the top there are many, many doors on what looked to be a never ending floor. How was I supposed to find the right one? Then I noticed the room, the door wide open. I walked through the room to find there a woman's body lying in front of me. I fumbled in my trouser pocket for my mobile phone but remembered that I had left it in the car outside. I was going to solve this myself. As I was staring around the room the room I noticed the window left wide open by the killer. I ran across and looked out, hoping to be able to see the killer, but I knew there was no chance. I noticed the business card on the floor and picked it up, realizing it was for a dodgy money lending company, by what I call a 'loan shark' named Bryan.

"Why would she need to lend money off him" I thought, everyone knows what people like them are like. Then it hits me, this is the person that had killed her. The cold blooded killer.

I started looking around again, please with how far I had already got. I decided to look in the cabinets for more clues. I come across a chunky file and flicked through it with interest. I notice a bank statement and take a look.

"Two thousand pounds overdrawn, maybe that's why she needed to lend money" As I put the file back I had a surprise, a letter dropped out between the statements.

Dear Mrs Bishop it read,

I have completed the murder you asked me to complete and now you can get all the inheritance you deserve. I will come to collect my deserved 'reward' tomorrow at 10pm sharp.

To think I hadn't had enough surprises already out drops her husbands will stating that she now owns his mansion. So, everyone is not what the seem.

So, how did it go?
Keep Day Dreaming & I hope you enjoyed my story!


  1. Great story! I bet you got top marks for that, haha. I have a question..
    How do you add other people's blog buttons on your blog? I want to add yours to my page and Ella's but I don't know how to:/.
    Much appreciated

  2. Thank you! If you go to where you added your fish(the page where you add gadgets) then click 'add gadget' and go to add a picture. Before all of this go to mine and Ella's blogs and save our blog buttons. Then when you add the picture and our blog buttons and add our blog address(I would suggest having mine and Ella's blog open in other tabs) Hope I helped

  3. Thank you! You've helped a lot! Check out my blog, your blog button is there.



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