Another exhilarating book from The Hunger Games series! I really don't know how Suzanne Collins does it!

This book continues a few months after the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta are back home and it's the morning of the Victory Tour where they will travel to all the districts including the Capitol. Katniss gets a visit from President Snow who warns her that after her episode with the berries when she was in the arena the districts are on the brink of an uprising. He also warns her that she knows about her kiss with Gale and she will have to prove too a lot of people including himself that her relationship with Peeta is real, or the president will make Gale pay for it! With the warning in her head she heads off on the Victory Tour with Peeta(her fellow victor) Effie(the person that keeps them in charge) and Haymitch(their mentor). When they arrive at their first stop District 11(the district Rue was from)  all goes well until the end of their speeches where them and the district makes a big mistake that leaves a shocking consequence. Katniss and Peeta continue with their tour and when they get too the Capitol Katniss realises  all they have done so far is not enough so at their interview Peeta gets down on one knee and proposes but is this really happily ever after? As they arrive back from the tour things go from bad to worse, with rebellion brewing in the districts and the MockingJay pin Katniss wore in the arena a symbol of rebellion a BIG bombshell is dropped, that nobody see's coming: for the Hunger Games 'Quarter Quell' which is celebrated every 25 years.

This book continues the series with a BANG! Exhilarating, exciting and leaving you in even more suspense than the first part of the trilogy. I would rate this book another BIG 10/10 as you don't see anything coming and you can't put it down. I would again recommend this book for ages 12+ because again it is the Hunger Games so there are deaths and murders(which is a more grown up topic) and it can be hard to understand for the younger readers. I would just like to add that the ending is unbelievable and you need the second book on hand because of the way it leaves you in such, shocking suspense. This book and series is a MUST READ there is only one word to describe it all WOW!!!!

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