I haven't abandoned you and the BIG BIG news!!!

Hello! I know, it's been a LONG time since I last posted(Only 3 days, but still a record time for me) but I haven't abandoned you! I promise! I have just been waiting for an AMAZING idea to come to me. I thought I would just post about the latest news on this blog(there's LOADS going on) First, the BLOG BOOK AWARDS have begun! You can find all the details 2 posts down. I decided to do the awards because as you know I'm reading 'The Hunger Games' Trilogy at the moment but as I'm on the final book now(I don't want it to end!) I was stuck about what to read next so I decided to find out what YOU like as a friend suggested The Hunger Games to me and I'm so happy she did(AMAZING!) You can vote in as many categories as you like and there is something for every type of reader in them! The closing date at the moment is Friday 15th June but if I haven't got enough votes or there is too many to pick just 1 winner for each category I will either extend the time or do a FINAL, FINAL short list(Vote again for the winner) Okay, on to my next bit of news(I know I'm rambling on a bit) there is a new poll! This poll is called 'What do you think of my blog?'  It's quite risky as everybody could vote 'DELETE IT, IT'S TERRIBLE' but I just was curious and wanted to know what everybody thought. The poll closes on the 21st June(in 2 weeks time) and please don't abandon or abuse your mouse and use it to click your answer! Finally the BIGGEST piece of news and more exciting thing my blog has EVER done!(Drum Roll  please) KATE MARYON the author of Shine, Glitter, A Million Angels and the BRAND NEW A Sea of Starts has kindly agreed to do an INTERVIEW FOR THIS BLOG! EEK! I'm so excited to get the chance to interview such an AMAZING author and inspiration for people like me(and you) who dream of doing what she does! If there are any questions you would like me to ask her COMMENT BELOW and I will pick the best ones to ask her! So, my interview with KATE MARYON coming soon! I will also be reading and reviewing her book 'Shine' as soon as I've finished 'The Hunger Games MockingJay'
Are you excited? I AM!!
What do you think of my new name tag?
Just ask and I will give you the link to the site I got mine from.


  1. Such a cool name tag! What's the site?!xxx

  2. This is where you find 'ella' if you any other names or anything else it's on the sidebar of the website! Hope I helped!! xxx

  3. WOOO!! SO EXCITED! Also, I think that the person that said 'really bad' obviously hasn't had a proper look around. I have favourited your blog onto my top tag bar on my computer lol!!(:

    1. I'm SO EXCITED TOO! Thank you so much Amy! It means loads lol (: (:
      Sophie :D


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