Hello Day Dreamers! This is what you've all been waiting for, my interview with Kate Maryon. I loved doing this interview because she was so honest with all the questions I asked her and is really genuine!. She gave great advice for young authors and live in general! I'm so sorry about the really long post, may have got a bit carried away!
Thank you so so much to Kate!
So, here it is!

Hi Kate, thank you so much for letting me interview you for my blog!

Q So, when did you first know you wanted to become an author?
A When I was about 2 years old- I just knew I had to keep writing and writing.

Q Who was your inspiration when you were younger?
A My step-granddad and my Granny were really supportive of my writing- they inspired me to keep on with it.

Q Did you write any stories when you were younger? Did any of them end up getting published?
A I wrote masses of stories, poems and plays but none of them were published.

Q What was school like for you? Were you ever bullied?
A I loved primary school but hated secondary school- I was never bullied but I was quite shy and found it really hard to fit in. I used to stay home most days- my mum was ok with that!

Q Are you/Were you a day dreamer?
A I've always daydreamed about stories and characters but I like reality too-if you're present to it there's a lot of lovely stuff going on. I think it's really important to stick follow your dreams/your heart/what you love.

Q Do any of the subjects in your books represent anything that has happened to you?
A Not exactly. But I had a really traumatic childhood so I know how that feels. My mum was in hospital for 3 months when I was 8- so that helped when I was writing Shine. She died when I was 33 so that helped when I was writing Glitter. Also, I've worked as a homeopath for 17 years and listened to the stories of thousands of people's lives. I have a good insight on human nature and that helps to get my character right-so they feel like real people.

Q When did you think, I could really make it as an author?
A In 2009 when I first met Eve White, my lovely agent.

Q What was the first book you published and when was it?
A  Shine was my first book published-i n March 2010.

Q Which of your books is your favourite and why?
A I don't have a favorite- I tend to love the one I'm working on- but I guess I'll always have a soft spot for Shine as it was my first book.

Q Where did the idea for it come from?
A My husband and I were having breakfast one day and said how about writing a story about a girl whose mum is a con-artist-so then I did some research and was shocked to see how many children each year have to go through what Tiff went through. So that got me writing...

Q You have created LOADS of new characters. Who has been your best creation?
A Ooooh, such a hard question! I love all my characters- I know them so well they feel like my family. I'd love to get them all together one day for a party! I wonder if they'd get along with each other?

Q Have you worked or met any other writers?
A Yes, I've met lots of lovely writers- there are a few who live close to me in Somerset, others I've met at book festivals etc-and loads I've met online.

Q Who is your favourite author now?
A I'll always love Jacqueline Wilson- I still read all her books-my favorite adult author is Niall Williams.

Q What has been your biggest achievement to date?
A Having my two gorgeous children! They're called Jane and Tim and I love them with all my heart!

Q If you didn't become an author, what would you have liked to do?
A I loved my work as a Homeopath- but one day I'd LOVE to make a feature film!

Q Did you ever get knocked down when trying to become a writer? How did you get back up and carry on?
A Not really-I was very lucky how it all happened at once I got serious about writing- but I'm trying to get some picture books published and some of them get rejected. The thing to remember with set backs like this is that we aren't what we do for a living- I love my books and my writing and they bring me so much to my life but if they weren't here then I still would be-with a strong and loving heart and that's the main thing.

Q Have you got any advice for young girls who want to become writers when there older?
A Keep on writing what you love to write- feel inside your voice-never give up it's the most brilliant job in the world.

Q What is your latest release and where can we buy your books?
My latest book is called A Sea of Stars- it's about a 12 year-old girl called Maya-you can find out more about it by looking at my website:
You can buy my books from my website, from Waterstones, Amazon, WHSmith and all Independent bookshops-if they don't have what you'd like in stock most places will order it in for you.

Here's the taster for it:

A completely random fire round of questions

Q What is your favourite food?
A Chocolate(mine too!)

Q Do you have any pets?
A A huge Newfoundland dog called Ellie

Q Where is your favourite place to visit?
A Wild deserted beaches/mountains/islands

Q Whats your favourite type of weather?
A I love all weather- sunshine is great but so is lashing rain and thunder and lightening- I like dramatic weather.

Q What has been the scariest thing you've ever done?
A Life was constantly scary for me when I was small- my dad was very angry- all sorts of scary things happened!

Q What is your favourite film and book?
A I love so many films-fav has to be 'Bridges Over Madison Country'- fav book, 'Four Letters of Love' by Niall Williams.

And that brings us to the end of my very long list of questions! Thank you for letting me do this for my 500 views celebration! It is an honor to get the chance to interview one of mine and the other members of the blog's inspirations! And finally sorry this is a bit long..

Thanks for interviewing me I've loved every minute of it!


  1. Lovely interview, brilliant to read!

    Great post!XX

    1. Thanks Amy! It was great getting the chance to interview her!

  2. Fab interview Sophie!!xxxx

    1. Thank you Ella! She is so inspirational and honest! x


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