I have now finished The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins and can't find the words to describe how amazing it is! It's exhilarating, exciting, gets your heart racing and leaves you in constant suspense! This is my review on the final book in this fantastic series:

Mockingjay starts when Katniss is standing in the remains of her old house, in the Seam. Within 15 minutes of Katniss blowing the force field in the Quarter Quell there were planes in the sky and bombs were raining down on District 12. It was Gale, Katniss' best friend and hunting partner, who saved over 800 residents, including Prim and her mother by leading them to the Meadow. They managed until the hovercraft from District 13 arrived. They know are all residents of District 13, each given a compartment underground. It was a shock saying no one knew District 13 even existed, instead it was all underground. As she walks back to Victors Village and goes into the house belonging to her she finds Buttercup Prim's pet cat. All she can think is how he survived but thousands of people didn't? But then she notices a sent from upstairs and goes to find out what it is. On her dresser she finds a white single rose and knows immediately who it's from-President Snow.

When they get back to District 13 both Katniss and Gale are needed in Command. When Katniss notices the screen she see's Caesar Flickerman and Peeta and is shocked to see that he is still alive and looking healthy!. Peeta was captured by the Capitol when District 13 picked up Katniss in the Quarter Quell. When he calls for a Ceasefire Katniss makes a decision. She decides to agree to become the Mockingjay, the symbol of Rebellion. What everyone has been trying to persuade her to become since she arrived and why the rebels saved her instead of Peeta. She makes Coin agree that if she becomes the Mockingjay her family will get to keep Buttercup, that she will be allowed to go out and hunt with Gale, Peeta, Annie and the other captured victors will be granted immunity, it will be announced in Public and she will KILL SNOW!

As tensions rise and battles commence will the rebels win? Will Katniss and Peeta ever see each other again? Who will be killed in the war? What will happen to Katniss if the rebels lose? Will Katniss kill snow? What twists and turns are too come?


The last few chapters kept my heart racing and I couldn't work out what would happen next! When I thought I knew, there was another twist and the whole story changed! I wasn't expecting Prim's death but then I was completely shocked when Katniss saw President Coin's true colors and killed her instead of President Snow(Even though he ended up dying). I was also shocked when Katniss' mother went to District 2 to start up a new hospital instead of going back to District 12 to be with Katniss but I can see the reasons why she couldn't come back.

The thing everyone wants to find out is who Katniss ends up marrying! I did want her to end up with Gale up until the final few chapters and I realized that Peeta truly loves her and would die for her(as we all saw from the first two books) I also realized, like Katniss, that Peeta is the one she needs most. She struggled when Peeta was captured by the Capitol and when he arrived back with his head messed up with Tracker Jacker Venom but while in the arena she didn't seem to miss Gale as much. So, when Peeta returned to District 12 and they made the book full of all the things they should never forget It really touched me. The final few lines left me in tears when Peeta asks Katniss 'You love me, real or not real?' and she answers 'Real' especially because this line was used earlier in the book and helped to build back up Peeta's proper memories.

The Epilogue for me didn't answer enough questions. I would have loved to have found out:
-What happened to Gale?
-Did Katniss' mother ever come back?
-What were her two children called?
-What happened to Finnick and Annie's child?
-Did Plutarch stay as President?
-The main one for me was what happened to Haymitch?

Even though it didn't answer those questions the ending for Katniss and Peeta was perfect! I loved the way Suzanne Collins wrote the epilogue explaining how Katniss said there are no more Hunger Games and the memorials have been built but saying that the questions are only just beginning for them. How her children take the words for the song she sang to Rue for advantage and how they don't know they play on a graveyard. The part I LOVED was the way she ended the whole series with Katniss is explaining how she plays a game in her head on the bad mornings about all the good things she's seen even though it's repetitive after all these years then, Katniss ends on-"But there are worst games to play"  This was an ending that left you wanting more but had a point behind it!


I would rate this book a 10/10(without the epilogue) because you can't work out what will happen next and when something does happen it changes the story! Also, it kept my heart racing! The battle scenes were so realistic and I could picture every scene in my head. It made me feel every emotion possible from hating Snow to feeling like you know each and every character like there your own best friend/sister/lover! I would recommend this book for ages 12+ because it is violent(as there is a rebellion) and it can be hard to understand at a young age as it tackles grown up topics like war, death and murder. The only part that disappointed me slightly was the epilogue because even though it gave the end for Katniss and 'her lover' I would have loved to find out the ending for the other main characters!!

You have to put this series on the top of your 'MUST BUY!' list! I'm sad to see it all end but what a FANTASTIC series! The ending leaves you wanting more from Katniss' story. I can't wait to see it all come alive on the big screen over the next few years!

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  1. Amazing review I'm about to review it soon too. :)
    Have you watched the film?
    New follower. :) x

  2. Thanks Ebony, love the books but sadly haven't seen the film yet :( When it first came out I thought it wasn't my type of film-thought it would be really violent but after my friend convinced me to read the book I loved it! Really want to see the film now! Going to get on DVD on Sept 3rd(if I can wait till then)



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