I have recently started writing my first novel! It's called "What if" because my main character Rachel continually asks herself this question throughout the book. Here is the beginning of Chapter 1(I have wrote more and will post a bit more next week)

I wake with a start , sweat dripping down my brow. I turn waiting to find my little sister right beside me, like she always does when I have bad dreams. A tear trickles down my cheek as I realise my dream was all too real, that I'll never see her beside me again.I dig myself out from under the cover. How much I just want to stay hidden away forever, at least for today anyway. How can I face everyone? Knowing it's all my fault but I know I have to, for Lou.

Once I'm all dressed, I stand, staring at myself in the mirror. I can hardly stand the sight of myself anymore. The dark black circles under my eyes, my limp and lifeless hair tied back in a scruffy pony tail along with the guilt that haunts me and will do for the rest of my life.Nobody knows what really happened that day, except for me and Lou. What started it, how things turned out the way they did. There's just two things everyone knows for sure, Lou's dead and it's all my fault.

That's when I hear the car outside and I know it's time. Time to face everybody, the time everything seems so real and it finally sinks in that she's never coming back. There's a knock at my bedroom door and my dad stretches out his hand. I reach out and catch hold of it, never wanting to let go. My dad, the only person who hasn't disowned me. My dad, the one who lost everything just to support me. My mum left the night after Lou's death, said she couldn't stand seeing me anymore. I don't know where she is or what she's doing but what I do know is that she still loves dad and he still loves her. I don't care If my mum hates me, she abandoned me. I hate her too.

"It will be okay" says dad, but I can see in his eyes he doesn't believe it.

He guides me across the corridor and down the stairs that's when all the memories come flooding back. When me and Lou ran down here excitedly just a month ago on Christmas morning, mum and dad following behind us, moaning about it being too early even if it is Christmas. I'm shocked back into reality when we reach the front door and step out to find the streets lined with all our neighbours. I see the way they stare at me and I know they are all thinking exactly the same thing 'Murderer'. I take a deep breath and walk forward. It's like the world has stopped. Why of all the people in the world did it happen to Lou? My sweet little sister who always knew what to say and who everyone couldn't help loving. I think to myself what if it was the other way round? Would my mum had left Lou? But I know it's not the time to ask these unanswerable questions.

What do you think so far?
Would you like to hear more of Rachel's story?
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  1. This is really good! More please :D

    1. Thanks Emily! I will add more this time next week :D


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