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I just had a brainwave and I've decided to start doing opinion posts. This is just a post a week where I express my opinion of a certain subject-and you can by commenting and answering the question of the week at the end of the post! My opinion post this week is on 'What adults think of teenagers?'

Don't you hate the way that shop keepers look at you when you walk into a shop? How they watch your every move? How adults blame the mess of the society on us? Lately this question has been bugging me a lot, how we are the next generation. The people who will be the next politicians-we will be in control of the country, the next doctors and nurses-there's a chance our work and decisions could save their lives, the next generation of teachers-we could be teaching their grand-children. Yes, I understand there are teenager gangs out there who are getting themselves in trouble with the police and ruining things for everyone else. Yes, I know teenagers can be troubled but then I know that not all teenagers are trying to ruin parks by vandalism and I know that some teenagers actually want to be somebody and do well in school! Do you hate the way you are branded, as one of those 'teenagers'. When you hear people say how 'teenagers' are ruining things? How 'teenagers' don't know how to behave anymore. This is my point. All teenagers are branded as the people messing up society-when most of us are sensible and should be treated like adults! There's just a small amount of teenagers ruining it for everybody else-hanging around on corners with their hoodies up and drinking. My opinion is not all teenagers should be branded! We should be treated like adults-it may help to give us some responsibility! We are the future! I mostly end up stuck in with school work but I'm not causing trouble when I have time.


Do you think teenagers should be treated like adults?

So, shall I continue doing these posts?
Keep Day Dreaming,


  1. OMG, yes, like I hate labels 'destructive, stupid,etc. We are people too! We should be treated like adults. Adults contribute to our messed up society too! Like you said, not all teenagers are bad..

    1. Thanks for commenting! I agree, adults contribute too and we are people!!!


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