I've got my first TWO awards! I've been waiting patiently and finally I've got some! The first award is the Adventum Blog Award! This award was creating by Niamh over at and there's no tagging involved so it's really simple to get! If you have been blogging for less than a year, then it's yours! Adventum is the Latin word for upcoming. If you've been blogging less than a year you can probably describe yourself as an 'upcoming' blogger.

The next award is the Liebster Blog Award! I was nominated for this award by Amy over at for this award so thank you! Liebster is a German word meaning things like sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, loving, kind, valued and cute.  The rules for this award are:
  • Each blogger awarded must post 10 facts about themselves
  • Each blogger must post answers to the 10 questions their tagger left for them
  • Each blogger must tag 10 other bloggers
  • Each blogger must then set 10 questions for all the bloggers that they tag
  • You may not tag the person that tagged you
So, the 10 facts about me are

  1. I have a slight obsession with The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins! The best books I've ever read.
  2. My favorite animal is a penguin. I've never really known why, but I've always seemed to like them.
  3. I'm really good at Ice-Skating, even if I say so myself
  4. My favorite color is purple!
  5. I want to move to America when I'm 18! I'd move to either L.A or NYC
  6. I really want to own a Giant Rabbit! Do you know the ones that are the same size as most dogs?
  7. I really want to go to DisneyWorld Florida. I mean, who doesn't?
  8. I'm already planning to go to the Hunger Games:Catching Fire film premiere next November, in London with my mum
  9. On the subject of film premieres one of my dreams is to walk down the red carpet at one
  10. I LOVE Chocolate! Especially Cadburys(mmm!)
Here's the answers to the 10 questions set by Amy!
  1. Are you an Air Person, Sea Person or Land Person? Land Person, I get really badly sea sick and I've actually never been on a plane!
  2. Leather Sofa or Cushion Sofa? Cushion Sofa, they are just so comfortable!
  3. Cinema or Home TV? Home TV, I get annoyed really easy and can't stand people getting up and down, talking or chewing their food really loudly in the cinema!
  4. Phone or Pen&Paper? Hmm, tough one! It would have to be Pen&Paper because when you put pen to paper you can write and draw anything, anyway you like! Unlike a phone where you're stuck with one font and a few smiles.
  5. Lapland or Ibeza? I hate the hot weather so it would have to be Lapland. Also, I've always wanted to go there and meet Santa and the reindeer! 
  6. Magic Radio Station or Radio One? Radio One, I have no idea what Magic Radio Station is...
  7. Tights or Leggings? Easy! Leggings all the way! I live in them!
  8. Red or Blue? Blue!
  9. Concrete or Marble? Marble, I love the patterns you can get on Marble flooring and they are really interesting to look at!
  10. Daisies or Lilies? Daisies, I've always loved the name Daisy and used to pick them when I was little!
The ten people I tag are:
  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. What is your favorite flavor ice-cream?
  3. What's your hidden talent?
  4. Whats your favorite animal?
  5. What is your dream job?
  6. Who is your inspiration?
  7. If you could be in any film what would it be? and What part would you play?
  8. If money was no object what would you buy?
  9. Where do you want to be right now?
  10. Whats the best piece of advice you've ever given?
As well as getting my first two awards, I've reached 1039 Pageviews! I would like to thank everyone who has viewed and supported this blog! Tomorrow, I will be putting up a new competition to celebrate my 1000 views. So, again thank you!

I've decided to extend the time for the Blog Book Awards(again) because even though I've had quite a few comments I need a few more to get a clear winner! You can vote here for the 2nd & final round vote: or click my sidebar. They send you to different posts but it doesn't matter which post you comment on!!

Just a VERY LONG update from a day dreamers world,


  1. Yay this is my third nomination! I will post up later, or maybe tomorrow :)

  2. I never knew you skated! You have now shot up MASSIVELY on my Favourite People list LOL!!! And I totally agree with all your answers, except for #1, I am DEFINATELY an air person!!! And you don't know what Magic Radio is?? Ohmigosh, you HAVE NOT LIVED, my friend!!<3

    1. Thanks! LOL! Never been on a plane and I don't think you can get the signal for Magic Radio down here! I love skating, do you ice-skate?


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