I've been wondering whether to do this post for a few days and today I decided to change my style a bit and just do it! Movie trailers are that first look at a film you've been anticipating for months, checking on your fan sites to find out who's playing who and the one things that decides the fate to the whole film! I thought I would post some of the movie trailers that have left goose bumps right up my arms and that, I've been so excited to see the film, I've watched it again!

The first one is(surprise,surprise) The Hunger Games! As it is a recent film I thought I would start with it. This trailer I have watched at least 50 times so far. It leaves you wanting more, desperate to see what happens even if you have read the book. Also, I love the music in the background of this trailer. It picks up the pace as the trailer moves on, which gets your heart racing with it. Also, it leaves the trailer just when the most exciting parts are beginning(the Games) and it leaves me with goosebumps every time! It also gives you an insight on all the characters and it has now got me really excited to see the film when it comes out on DVD in the UK on September 3rd. Even though I haven't see The Hunger Games, I'm really looking forward to The Hunger Games:Catching Fire and what a day to post about it as we have, today, finally got the news that Jena Malone has been offered the role of Johanna Mason!

You've got goosebumps, haven't you?

So, the next trailer is for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2! I know it's old now and I haven't actually seen the film but the trailer is another of those trailers that makes you really want to see the actual film! This trailer is exciting and leaves you wondering what will happen when it finishes-exactly like those great films do! Who will survive, as we all know it can only be one? Before you comment on how I HAVE to watch Harry Potter I have seen up to and including Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. 

I've never seen or read Twilight but I know they are REALLY good and are next on my 'MUST BUY' list! I have already promised myself that I will get through the whole series and all the films in the Summer Holidays(Which are in 2 weeks time!!) This trailer is for the final film 'Twilight Breaking Dawn-Part 2' Again, it's that music! It builds the tension as the speed picks up and leaves it just as the final battle is beginning-leaving you really wanting to watch the film! Even though, you simply can't! By the way please ignore the trailer for Ice Age 4 at the beginning, you can skip it after 5 seconds!

This isn't one of those heart-racing trailers but it still intrigue me and makes me want to watch the film. It's a romantic film and I love a film where you can have a good cry! Also, it stars Zac Efron(Why wouldn't you want to see it?) It's another film that comes from a book I now really want to read! Here's the trailer:

Without meaning to all these movie trailers have come from books. Imagine writing a book and it being turned into a film. All the characters coming alive in front of your eyes, every scene you detailed flying out of the pages! When the 'cool' gang in school next say, for example, reading is for 'nerds' just say back to them 'You've seen The Hunger Games/Harry Potter haven't you? When they reply yes(which they most likely will) just say "Without 'nerds' like me, it wouldn't be a film" then walk away to make it extra dramatic! This is what I love! Without books and inspirational authors none of the movie characters we know and love today would exist!

By the way the Blog Book Awards Round 2 Vote closes on FRIDAY! So, that means you only have 2 days to vote for your winners! You can choose your winners here: 

Just an update from a day dreamers world,


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    1. Thank you! Decided to change my normal style for a while

  2. Oh my gosh, Oh my Gosh!! Now you've made me emotional. I 'm just so obsessed with Harry Potter!!! That trailer has sent me to tears. I have yet to see The Hunger Games though and I absolutely can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!!! <3

    1. I'm so sorry about the tears! I get goosebumps every time I see the trailer for The Hunger Games but, like you I'm yet too see it! There was this post in the newspaper today saying that The Hunger Games Trilogy has had 150x more people taking it out than any other book in the central library, near my 'home'(internet safety!) Can't wait for Catching Fire!!


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