This is just a post where I express my opinion on a certain subject. You can then have your say by commenting your answer to the 'Question of the Week' below! This week my opinion is on 'Homework'

Homework, the thing that keeps us cooped up inside on warm summer evenings, the thing that takes the small amount of spare time we actually have, the stress of it having to be done on a certain date or you face a detention. I think there is a certain amount of homework that we can deal with, maybe something small each night but then you get them days where every subject(I have five lessons a day) gives you a different piece of work and your struggling to drag your bag home. When this happens you spend all night sitting there working, don't you have enough work in school? Teenagers need a break, time to relax and enjoy your own hobbies!. There are some nights where I can't go and sit down with a book because there's a piece of homework staring me in the face that's due in the next day, that I haven't done yet. These are the things that need to change. I can't stand homework, the thought of having to sit there inside while the sun is shining after a day of hard work makes me want to scream. I agree we done need some but there's a certain amount that is going too far. Teenagers/Pre-teens may be able to concentrate better while in school if we haven't been doing homework all the night before and our minds are clear. 

Question of the Week

Do you think we/teenagers have the right amount of homework? 

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By the way if your wondering why I'm posting at this time of day(when I should be in school) I've got an inset day today!


  1. I think homework should be divided evenly amongst subjects. I know, for instance, I went a whole year without getting German homework. FACT!
    While I spent hours on Irish with a weekly essay! There just isn't enough hours in the day to fit school, sleeping, eating and homework in
    P.S Could someone please explain to me how "Grades" work? as in primary and secondary school and ages....
    Marian :D x

    1. Thanks for commenting Mariian! I agree with that, we should get a little bit of everything(but not all at once!) I'm not really sure how grades work. We have levels and things. It's different everywhere in the world
      Sophie :D xx

  2. I think we should at least have somewhere to go at break and/or lunch so we can do it then.
    Some teachers obviously think we have endless spare time after school, as they give us homework for the next day. This can be really unfair sometimes because if your parents decide to go out or your internet's gone down, then how can you do homework.

    To be honest, I rather it when a teacher gives us a big project to do because they can't give you any more homework then because they know that's unfair. You also have longer, so you can spread out the work over a few weeks instead of having to do it all at once. Although, if all the subjects gave you a big project each at once then it would be too much work again.

    Like Marian said, we need it to be more balanced.

    P.S. If you mean American grades and things then you can find out more here

    Holly :P x

    1. Oooh Thanks. That makes everything a lot clearer!
      :D x

    2. I agree, everything needs to be more balanced! I admit I enjoy doing projects but I need at least over a half-term holiday to be able to do one. There should be a place we can go and work during lunch and break along with the teachers having a certain amount of homework they can set us a week/day. I can't do it in the time limit sometimes and the teachers have their detention threats hanging over us too!


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