This week my opinion post is on the Summer Holidays! It's that time of year already- the time we can do whatever we want, when we want and not have to worry about doing homework or getting up in the mornings! I think the Summer Holidays are great! We can just be kids, get out and enjoy ourselves- no homework to keep us stuck in on the warm summer evenings(When we get some...) I love that sense of freedom you get when you walk out of the school gates at 3pm on the last day-a whole six weeks to yourself ahead of you. I really enjoy the first four weeks of the holidays, when it seems like school is so far away but then it gets too the final two weeks and it's time to PANIC!(At least for me anyway). This is the problem I have with the holidays. You get completely out of routine, have so long off and haven't seen most of your classmates in weeks-it just ends in worry for me. I think the holidays are too long and then the rest of the holidays we have throughout the year are too short. I would prefer to have four weeks off school-just the whole of August and then add on the weeks we missed at half term(so they will be two weeks long) It would save me a lot of boredom, by the fifth and sixth week I've run out of ideas about what to do. So, that's why I would prefer to have four weeks of excitement and enjoyment-too me the final two weeks are just full of worry. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I love the summer because we can finally have a break and be teenagers-but I would prefer them to be shorter and the other holidays be longer. Anyway, only four more days to go! You can see what I'm going to be getting up to  HERE and if your stuck for ideas why don't you enter my Writing Competition


Do you think summer is too long?


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