Yes, it's that time of year again the SUMMER HOLIDAYS! I love the feeling of freedom you get when you walk out of the gates at 3pm on the last day. The thought of not having to do any homework for a whole six weeks and instead, filling them with what you want to do. This year I'm planning to do something new over the summer. I don't do any clubs outside school and after reading 'The Hunger Games' I'm really inspired to try archery as the main character Katniss Everdeen using a bow and arrow throughout the film. It looks like it needs a lot of concentration and power behind it but it also looks fun at the same time. 

My archery inspiration Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence!

I also want to do more cycling and roller skating over the holidays. I haven't rode my bike or used my skates in AGES

A girl can dream, right? I've just realized for a girl that hates sports I like quite a lot of them. 

I also HAVE to learn how to do a fishtail plait and a Katniss braid over the Summer. Then I can go to archery looking just like Katniss herself(Now where's my leather jacket?)

Cheryl Cole wearing a fishtail plait.

Katniss braid-Front!

The Back-wow! She did have Cinna so don't expect too much from me....

On to my next plan-to read either The Twilight Saga or Harry Potter-I feel like I'm missing out, especially with Breaking Dawn Part 2 coming out and I haven't seen the first film!

Now onto my writing. I want to finish my "What If..?" story as I have so many ideas for the characters. You can check out the first few pages HERE !

I want to visit Cardiff, England and hopefully Scotland(but that may be going too far) Since they've recently had Giant Panda's, I would LOVE to visit Edinburgh Zoo! 

This picture made my laugh-it looks like he's going to start drumming!!

What are your plans for the summer?
Just an update from a day dreamers world,


  1. Seems like a nice summer! Maybe I could come archery with you if I get any better!:) I like Twilight but since I've watched The Hunger Games, it sort of downgraded it. Also check out my new post on my blog!:)

  2. Never tried archery so don't worry! I will go straight there now.
    Oh and sure you can join me!!!


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