My Third Leibster & wAs Awards!

I've now got my third Leibser Award! I was nominated by the lovely Marian over at I've already posted my 10 questions and tagged 10 other bloggers so I'm not going to write them again but you can take a look at them HERE ! So, here are the 10 questions Marian left me:

  1. If you could change your blog's name what would you pick? I wouldn't change it too anything else. Right now it really suits what this blog is all about, when that stops I'd change it to something that does!
  2. Favourite Book? My favorite books are The Hunger Games Trilogy. I can't choose just one out of them, they are all FANTASTIC!
  3. If you could have diner with one person dead or alive who would it be? At this moment in time it would have to be Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss in The Hunger Games! I would love to chat about The Hunger Games with her and hopefully she would invite me onto the set of Catching Fire!(A girl can dream...)
  4. Summer or Winter? I would say Summer but with the weather at the moment It will have to be Winter. There's Christmas, New Years and the holidays! The weather was actually warmer then..
  5. Do you pronounce scones like: a) scOWNs or b) scONs? This is so weird but we were actually discussing this at lunchtime in school yesterday! Yes, this is how we spend our lunchtimes. I pronounce it as scons-always have.
  6. Favourite Boy name and Girl name? I've always loved naming girls after a type of flower-my favorite is Lily. After reading The Hunger Games Trilogy I fell in love with the way Suzanne Collins spells 'Peeta' instead of 'Peter'!
  7. Are you superstitious? YES! I won't go inside with an umbrella up, have to touch wood when I say anything that I think might actually happen, I'm really scared right now as it's Friday 13th tomorrow(AHHH!) and my sister and her friend made up that if I train goes past your feet can't touch the floor or you will have bad luck-my school is right by a train track...
  8. Biggest Dream? That is a tough one! I have loads of them! I think my biggest dream is to write a book, then it being made into film and me getting the main part in it with it being a Anticipated and successful film!
  9. Weirdest Fear? SNAKES! I can't look at one through the glass at a pet shop without it sending shivers down my spine and I skip the section at the Zoo with them in(If I take a look the shivers start)
  10. Favourite Quote? 'May the odds be ever in your favor'-Effie Trinket(The Hunger Games Trilogy)
Thank you Marian!

Now for the wAs Award! This was set up by Holly over at and all you have to do is get a certain amount of pageviews to earn the award! You can earn the first award when you reach 100 pageviews, the second award when you reach 1000 and the third when you reach 10000! You can also update it as you go along after you reach 10000. I have now earned my first and second award-onto 10000! You can view the post at Holly's blog HERE!

100 Pageviews!

1000 Pageviews!

Just an update from a day dreamers world & remember to enter the brand new competition(just check out the post below or the 'competitions page)

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