This is Now Part 1

Another beginning of another new story!

I wake with a start. Expecting to feel a seering pain running through my bones. Expecting to see doctors staring me down at mine, shining bright lights into my eyes. Then I realize it was all another of my nightmares. That I'm lying in my own bed, wrapped up in my own patchwork duvet, trying to hide from the world and lying on my own damp pillow. I cried myself to sleep last night. The same question is still running through my head 'Why me? This question has been haunting me for the past six months. While I lay in my hospital bed, unsure if I would ever make it home, I tried to think if there was anything I'd done that made me deserve this.  Nothing. I take a glance at my window and fresh snow is falling from the sky, covering the picturesque mountains with children already building snowmen in the meadow. I excitedly rise ready for the long walk up into the snow-capped mountains to meet them, then it hits me. I can't. This is my reality now, my real-life.

I slump back down on my bed and fantasize about my past. Winter days up in the mountains, I would always be the first to arrive at the top after the long hike. I would sit around and wait for the others to arrive, trying to start a fire with the wood I'd collected on the way up. The next to arrive would always be my best friend Skye. We had met in the summer time when we were seven. While I was taking my Yorkshire Terrier pup Scout out for a walk along the river he seemed to appear from out of nowhere. By the end of the afternoon we were sitting on the riverbank, feet dangling in the water, joking around. I ended up walking home dripping wet, I had a cold after that. While we were waiting for the others, Megan, Alice and Jack, he would help me start up the fire. With his help it would be done in minutes. We all brought snacks along to share throughout the day with each other but me and Jack would always bring something extra to eat while we waited. Sometimes I wished it could just be me and him all day. One the others arrived we would spend the rest of the day having snow ball fights and building snow sculptures. As evening fell we would all gather around the fire and toast marshmallows while Jack told us all a ghost story that would keep us awake all that night. Me, Megan and Alice would huddle up together on the log, trying to hide our shaking, while Skye and Jack would joke about it, creeping up on us at every chance they got. All of the people for miles would be able to hear our pathetic screaming. I wish it was still like this.

What do you think? I will upload another part next week!

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  1. I can't wait for the next part!

    1. Thank you! Posting it tomorrow along with my latest poll results again


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