The Belle Blog Award!

Yay! I have been nominated for the Belle Blog Award by the lovely Marian! The Belle Blog Award was created by Neevie and Belle means pretty in French(They say you learn something new every single day!) Each blogger tagged has to:

  1. Write 3 facts about themselves
  2. Answer 3 questions the tagger set them
  3. Tag 3 other blogs
  4. Ask 3 questions for the blogs you tag
  5. And you cannot tag the person that tagged you!
So, my 3 facts are:
  1. I am completely obsessed with The Hunger Games!(A few of you may have already guessed that...)
  2. I have always wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Lilly! 
  3. I have a cat called Mitsy, a Guinea Pig called Fluffy, a hamster called Dusty, a few fish with one goldfish called Lola and a TARANTULA called Tammi.(Our house is like a zoo)
The three questions Marian set me are:
  1. Favorite flavor ice cream? Only one! I can't choose! It would be between Chocolate, Cookie-Dough and Nutty Brownie.
  2. If you were to write a published book one day what would it's title? Simple it would be 'What If...?' because I seem to be always asking myself this question and I've wrote part of a story called that too!
  3. Name one good thing about yourself? Hmmm, I'll always help somebody if they need it? I really don't know sorry
The three blogs I tag are:

  1. my mind counts
  2. Emily's Chronicles
  3. Ebony Black Lines
The three questions I'm going to set you are:

  1. If you could have dinner with anybody alive or dead, who would it be?
  2. If you were offered a £1000 pound shopping spree, what shops what you spend it in?
  3. Where is your dream holiday destination?
Thank you for nominating me Marian!

Keep day dreaming,


  1. Thanks! I should be posting up some time soon :)

  2. Guess what?....
    I've tagged you for ANOTHER award! The Toujou award!
    more info on my blog!
    Marian :D x
    P.S. I've always wanted a king charles called Lily toooo!!!

    1. THANK YOU! I will go and check it out right now! We could have twin puppies
      Sophie :D x

  3. Congrats on winning the award!
    Followed your blog-follow back?

    1. Thank you! Of course I'll follow yours back-thanks for following my blog too

    2. Just realised, I'm already a member!


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