My Highlights-London 2012!

It's all over! Who ever thought I would be really sad to see the London 2012 Olympic end? I was really getting into them and loving every single moment! I have surprised myself by watching loads of different events and enjoying each and every one of them. Every athlete is an inspiration, with the way they train so hard to hold a medal in their hands. The Olympics really has kept to it's slogan 'Inspire a Generation' . It's also made me realize how, instead of looking up to Man United football players, people should look up to Olympians. My next 'My Opinion & Question of the Week!' post will be tomorrow and it will be about this. This post is full of my highlights of the games.

So, over the 16 days of the Olympics I've watched sports including both men and women's Gymnastics, Beach Volleyball, Equestrian(I sure that moment in history where we won our first gold in show jumping in 70 years!) Athletics(So happy Bolt & Mo Farah both won), Mountain Biking, Cycling Track(If you're wondering I'm using the Olympic website to work out the names of each sport), Modern Pentathlon, Swimming, Synchronised Swimming & of course Diving! Tom Daley was amazing. I didn't watch every moment of all them sports but I watched bits of them. 

Onto my highlights! The Olympic Opening & Closing Ceremonies were my highlights. At the Opening Ceremony I loved how the Queen was involved and the comedy during it! What other Opening Ceremony has the Queen skydiving with James Bond along with Mr Bean and a celebration of Harry Potter(Even though I'm a tribute!) You can view a full post on the ceremony HERE. The Closing Ceremony almost had me in tears(I just about held them in). I LOVED all the performances from all my favorite artists including Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Ed Sheeran & One Direction and how they brought both old and new British music into it. I'm now a fan of Madness! Who would have thought? Through the whole ceremony I was waiting for the Spice Girls, their performance was incredible but I will never forget Russell Brand as Willy Wonka! Who knew he could sing? So, onto the part where sport ending had me in tears. I've shocked myself by being sorry to see London 2012 end. At the end of the ceremony where they were slowly extinguishing the torch, I was starting to get emotional but then, what do they do? Add sad music to it and then I felt the tears filling up in my eyes(I did hold them in).

The Spice Girls! I really want a ride on top of those Taxi's, they are actually going really fast!

My other highlights were seeing Great Britain(Obviously!) winning Gold in the Show Jumping. They won the 'Jump Off'(They actually called it that) and got their first Show Jumping Gold in 70 years! I was watching it live with my dad and the crowd and us went mad! The Show Jumpers were speechless when the reporters tried to talk to them. Another of my highlights was watching Tom Daley Dive. I watched the whole final and his dives were incredible throughout! So happy that he won a Bronze Medal. Who can forget the moment Usain Bolt won Gold in the 100m Sprint? WOW! That was some race! Even though I'm British I was supporting him. That was an amazing watch and the Relay. The Jamican Team won Gold in that and set a New World Record. So, they were my London 2012 Olympic highlights and for a girl who couldn't wait for them to be over and did love them! Yes, it cost billions but I have to admit I enjoyed it!

Tom Daley with his Bronze Medal

Do the Bolt!

What were your London 2012 highlights?
Has your opinion of the Olympics changed?

Just an update from a day dreamers world,

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