My Opinion & Question of the Week! #5

Yay! It's time for my weekly rant! I'm sorry I haven't done one of these posts for a while, I've been really busy but I'm now back on track. This week I'm having my say on 'Getting Teens out More'.
Your probably wondering why I would pick this but it's something I've heard a lot of people discussing on television.

'If they want us out, give us a reason to get out!'

This week everyone is talking about getting kids out more over the summer. Off their gadgets and out and about doing things with their family and friends. These people, who have no children whatsoever and, frankly are too old to know what it's like to be a teenager in the 21st century think it's so easy. They can say it but how can we afford it? As soon as we reach 13 we are forced into paying full price at the cinema(Unless you look slightly younger) Students get discounts, why can't we? Then there's talk about getting kids doing more sports because the Olympics have 'Inspired a Generation'. For kids who want to get involved in sports clubs and try something new, where can they do ti for free? The only free sport I know is P.E. in school and I wouldn't be doing that if it wasn't compulsory. I would love to take Archery lessons and try to do it as a hobby but it costs so much and then there's the hire for the equipment(Bow and Arrows). I'm guessing loads of you are in the same position as me. I'm not a big fan of sports and you might not be either but we all probably have a hobby we'd love to take up but can't because it's too expensive. The point is we need more free activities! Not just for the summer though, all year round! Not just sports clubs we need drama and dance classes completely free of charge. I'm sure if the government put their mind to it they could achieve this. Just look at how many volunteers the Olympics got? They could easily find some volunteers who are willing to give up some of their time to hold classes. If they want us out, give us a reason to get out! Some free weekly clubs varying from drama & dancing to athletics & swimming, half price cinema tickets, free bus passes. We had these in both the Christmas and Easter holidays but in the longest break we don't get them? We used these passes to visit our friends and make our way to the city centre. These are the type of things we need! Not everyone is good at sports and not everyone likes them. The Olympics should open people's eyes! Everyone has different talents so, why don't they have different clubs? Something to suit everybody.

 I really think teenagers deserve a seat in parliament, or at least a representative. We are the future. Why should we be over-looked all the time? Right?

Question/s of the week?

Do you think there needs to be more free activities for teenagers throughout the year?
Do you think there needs to be more than just sport clubs?

Just my weekly rant from a day dreamers world,


  1. Cool!

    Yeah, there should be much more free sports activities, athletes will get old. If GB is going to have a chance in the next few olympics they better start training more teenagers for the future. Also, they don't want teenagers to become unhealthy and obese instead of sitting round computers all day!
    (Sorry I went on a bit)!

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    I'd be really grateful if you entered!

  2. I agree but we need more than just sports! We need activities for everybody! I will check it out for you! Don't worry!


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