This Is Now Part 2

About 3 weeks ago I posted the first part of this story. If you haven't seen it you can view it HERE.  
Here is Part 2 for you!

I really want to forget about my past life. The chance of me ever walking again is slim anyway. My days up in the mountains, down by the river are all gone. This is my life now, time to get used to it.

The next time I wake my younger sister Lily is sitting on the edge of the bed. How long has she been there? I wonder for the first time how this has affected her. For the past six months she has had to sit by and watch me fit for my life, had to watch mum and dad worry and watch them cry. She's been pushed to the background, how does she feel about me? But when I look into her eyes all I see is pain and longing. At her age the only clear thought in her head is that she's probably lost her sister forever. Has she?
'Come here' I say and she looks up in surprise
How long has it been since her sister asked for a hug? She hesitates but soon comes forward into my open arms. I rest my head on her shoulder and feel her soft hair pressed against my cheek. She doesn't put her full wait on me, afraid of hurting me even more than I already am.

'I love you' she whispers into my ear and this is enough to break me. I pull her in closer and hold her so close just in case someone will come along and take her away from me. 
'It's okay' she whispers again but she must know, in her heart, that nothing will ever be the same again or maybe she's just trying to stay strong. We stay locked in our embrace a few minutes more before she decides I have to eat. She lifts a tray from the floor and helps me get comfortable. The dish that lays on the tray is plated high with my favorite breakfast treat, pancakes, drizzled in syrup. By the side is a mug of hot chocolate, filled to the brim with marshmallows. I know she made this especially for me. I pat a spare place on my bed beside me and she smiles. It's been a while since I've seen that smile. In the last few months she's grown up so fast. Too fast. I don't think she's has a choice. Only six months ago we spent our evenings in the room we used to share dressing up her dolls and playing imaginary games. I admit I did enjoy doing their hair. I would normally copy the neat braid my sister wears nearly everyday but today her glossy brown hair is loose, kept out of the way by a simple pin. As for my hair it hangs lifeless in a matted ponytail I scrapped it back into yesterday. With deep black hair and pale skin my sister used to call me Snow White. Now I look more like I ghost with the dark circles under my eyes. I spend half the night the night waking up from nightmares bolt upright screaming, screaming at myself.

So, what do you think?
Where would you like this story to go?
What about her younger sister Lily?

Part 3 coming soon,


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    1. I don't except awards anymore, they take up too much room! Thanks for thinking off me though


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