My Opinion & Question of the Week! #6

In my most recent poll 'What type of posts would you like to see more of?' My Opinion Posts got the most votes with 40% of you wanting to see more of them!(It got six votes). Also, My Life Posts got 33% of the votes! The second highest out of eleven different choices! The type of post you would least like to see is Video Posts. So, of course there won't be many more of them! Okay, so if Opinion posts are what you want to see here's my opinion on 'Who Deserves More'

Do you think it's fair that armed forces who risk their lives day after day get paid a lot less that footballers, who run around a pitch for ninety minutes? What about how our emergency services save people's lives every single day. When someone from the Military gets injured, they get up and carry on, whatever shape they are in, they find the strength. I would never be able to do something like that. A footballer rolls around on the floor, clutching their leg, having a tantrum like a little kid. I think that Military members, our Emergency Services should be paid more for what they do. They deserve more. They get up each morning and go and save lives. Most footballers get up in the  morning with hangovers after partying the night before! Our Emergency Services don't even get that much respect! I've sat in hospital waiting rooms before(No surprise there) and seen how much the doctors have to take from patients that won't co-operate. Don't people understand there there to try and do the best for you? I won't say I haven't cried at the doctors before, or been a bit of a pain, that much can't be helped! I don't think footballers what they get! There are always things on the news about a footballer cheating or going onto twitter and posting a racist comment. I'm not saying all footballers are like this, there are decent players out there! It's just mostly about what they earn. You don't see any people in the Emergency Services being racist. Footballers earn more than enough, when people who work in the Military or Emergency services I think that when they come home on leave or after a hard day in work they deserve a holiday or a good time out on the weekends. Maybe it would give them one less thing to worry about if they knew their families had enough money to keep going. 

Question of the Week?

Do you think our Military and Emergency Services should get paid more than footballers?
Just comment!

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  1. i think this is a very interesting question, i'm not sure about e.s being paid more than footballers, but they definitely deserve a lot more respect and honor than they get now - oa

    1. Thanks for commenting! I think they deserve a lot more respect then they get at the moment. Footballers don't really deserve as much as they get for running around a pitch for 90 minutes.


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