Small Blue Thing by S.C Ransom Review!

I haven't done a book review since the 17th July and now I've decided to change the way I write them. I've cut out the spoiler alert part so what I write will hopefully leave you asking questions about the book. Small Blue Thing was a beautifully written story but also kept your heart racing! Here's my review, 

'Love. Death. Memory. Betrayal. 
The Thames holds it's secrets.

Book:Small Blue Thing
Author:S.C Ransom
Series:Small Blue Thing Trilogy
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Pages: 292(Not including the sneak peak of 'Perfectly Reflected' Chapter 1)

After finishing her school exams Alex finds a mysterious blue amulet buried in the sand beside the River Thames. The bracelet fits perfectly like it was made for her but there's something strange about it. When she peers into the stone it ripples, like it had blinked.  That night, once she had come back from celebrating the end of her school exams and got a date with a boy she liked, her head was suddenly filled with the image of a gorgeous boy. She dropped the glass she was holding in her hand, astonished by his beauty. She couldn't work out where she had seen this image before,  he was far too handsome to be a piece of her imagination but on a field trip the next day at St Paul's Cathedral something strange happens. Directly under the dome she sees the boy in front on her, wearing an identical band on his wrist. Her friend Grace thinks she's ill when she finds her talking to herself. How can't she see him too? As the story goes on she keeps seeing the boys image her head and while looking into a computer screen, the boy is standing directly behind her. When she turns around though, there's nothing there? She discovers that this extraordinary bracelet can communicate with the River Thames' dead, Dirges, stuck in a half-life of misery they have to steal happy memories from living people.  She falls deep in love with the gorgeous boy, Callum but he loves her too, right? Or is his sister Catherine, who also drowned, telling the truth? When her world is full of lies who will she choose? More importantly will it be the right choice?

This book is incredible! The way it is written keeps you glued to the story, you can't put it down! The cover instantly drags you into the book and represents the story beautifully. Your heart will race while you are kept in constant suspense, right down to the last page. I would recommend this book for ages 11+ as for younger readers it would be difficult to understand. Also, for younger readers ghosts could possibly scare them whereas for older readers this is a heart-racing, beautifully written romance with a twist. I would rate this book a 10/10 and desperately need to get my hands on the second book in the Small Blue Thing Trilogy, Perfectly Reflected! The ending of Small Blue Thing is a cliff-hanger you won't expect! A beautifully written, exciting romance to put on the top of your 'MUST READ' list! I LOVED it and I'm a REALLY BIG new fan of the trilogy! One of my favorite books!

I'm super, SUPER excited to say that my next blog interview will be with S.C Ransom author of this trilogy! Thanks so much Sue! 

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